Monday, April 29, 2013

Recital and Baby Shower Week!

Today is the big day for me! Well kinda lol, today is my dress rehearsal for the dance showcase this Saturday. My kids will be in full costume for their dances and I am excited to see how it all looks. I am very anxious but excited too! We will see how it goes! :) The kids and I are going shopping today with Aunt Sam. The kids are excited, we should have a lot of fun with her! I don't have any extra cash lol, but I might try to get Aunt Natalie her birthday present at some point. With her birthday coming up this weekend, I am running out of time to get her something lol. I also have to get Alan's glasses fixed. Crazy man has officially broken his glasses for the first time lol! :) Oh well, at least it was just one of the ear pieces.

This morning, Anna surprised us all by pulling herself up on the ottomon! We had just had her standing up with us holding her for a bit, and Lon set her down on the floor to play while he got ready for work. Miss Anna army crawled over to the ottomon and slowly pulled herself up onto her knees. She saw me watching and squealed at me lol. I hollered for Lon and Alan to come watch her. She waited for them to arrive, then continued pulling herself up to standing! She was so proud of herself, she almost fell onto her bum again lol! We were all so excited for her! Good job big girl!

Yesterday, we got Alan's hair cut for the first time by a professional. I had a coupon to a Sports Clips from work that Lon did not want to use and Alan's hair was IN NEED of a hair cut lol, so we decided to go there. I usually just cut the boys hair myself, so it was a new experience for both of us! He did pretty good, just got wiggly towards the end. The hair really started to get to him. :) But he did great and was one of the best little kids the stylist had ever dealt with. Made Mama proud!

I like his little hair cut too. Its waaaaay better than I could have ever done lol and is perfect for the upcoming summer weather. I think it makes him look sooooo much older! And with his glasses, he might as well already be in school lol. Such a cutie! I do not think we will be going there too much, but it was fun for the first time!

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