Friday, April 26, 2013

Funday Friday Musings

We have not had TOO much going on lately, except for all the exciting car stuff and my dance showcase preperation. Other than though, we are just living life and loving it. Life has started working in our favor again, one may say lol, things are getting figured out.

After almost two months of waiting, we have figured out Lon's poor Caddy. The other insurance company claimed full liability for the accident and earlier this week the car was picked up and taken to a local body shop. They later got back a hold of us and told us it was declared totaled, so we will have go through whatever process that entails but at least its been handled. We also got a rental for a week, which has been soooooooooooooo helpful for us! Its a newer Ford Explorer. I have to say that its one of the nicest vehicles I have ever driven with the back up cameras, phone sync, and the super comfy heated seats.

Only 136 days until Alan starts hip hop. I was going to just put him in gymnastics again in the fall, but he is really into dance lately himself. He copies my moves while I practice and choreograph for my class sometimes. He will be awesome, I know it! :)

Speaking of dance classes, its 250 days until Anna starts her first dance class! Its a creative movment class with Mommy! She will love it!

I know have about 8 days until my dance showcase. Our last class we made the robot costumes for our Around the World song. It was a lot more work than I was prepared for, I am so grateful that the parents helped us too. These costumes will look so rad! I cannot wait to see them altogether! We have our dress rehearsal next week and then next Saturday is the performance! Its so close now! I am no longer stressing and worried about it, we have got it together and will rock it! Its now just a matter of waiting lol. I am like a kid before Christmas, I can't wait!

Anna is still working on some teeth, she has not been a happy camper lately. I think she is in a lot of pain. :( We don't use medicine unless we have to, so we have been giving her lots of gum massages and letting her chew on cold things. She likes her carrots and apples frozen to chew and we have some frozen teethers we use as well. Its mostly been a "Comfort Her to our Best Ability and Wait it Out" thing for us. Mom and Anna has lost a lot of sleep from it, at this point I am so tired I don't feel it anymore lol.  You ever been so exhausted that you almost feel rejuvinated? Yeah I have been feeling like that for weeks lol.

As for Alan, he has been doing fantastic at potty training. It has been a few weeks since he has had an accident and I also am no longer reminding him all the time. He just remembers he is in underwear and has even told me that he needs to go potty entirely on his own several times! I think he will be set for preschool in the fall and even maybe a preschool summer camp this year too! Oh my big guy is growing up! How I love him so! Good job Alan, Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!

I don't have too much planned for this weekend, since next weekend is crazy busy. The Y is having their Family Prom on Saturday night, I have yet to decide if we are going to it this year. We didn't last year but only because I was pregnant and exhausted all the time. But I think Alan will really enjoy it this year. So maybe the kids and I will go...

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be doing our best to enjoy ours outside in the sun. Spring is finally truly here!!

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