Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friendly PSA Before you Get Dressed Today!

Yes! I successfully just rhymed that title lol.

Anyways with the month of April being Autism Awareness Month, April 2nd is Wear Blue Day for Autism Awareness! My family will all be participating by wearing as much BLUE as we can!

1 in 88 people are diagnosed with Autism everyday. That's ten times more then in the 80s!

Doctors atribute this to earlier diagnosis rather than a new epidemic though. Some children are being diagnosed as early as 18 months old! This is fantastic for treatment's sake and early intervention and treatment is the key.

For some reason, boys are four times more likely to have autism then girls.

Autism is also genectic, around 5-10% of families that have one autistic sibling have a higher chance at having another child with an autistic disorder.

About 40% of children who have autism cannot speak at all. About 25-30% of children with autism spoke around 12-18 months of age and then lost their ability to speak as they grew older.

Autism affects all aspects of these people's lives and those around them. They are beautiful, intelligent, amazing people. Some of the strongest people you will ever meet. I hope that everyone wears blue today for Autism Awareness! These people are amazing people who needs tons of love and support! <3 Here is a pic of the kids in their blue gear! This was the best one I could get of both of them and I couldn't seem to get a good one of myself lol. I guess its definitely NOT a photogenic day for this family. Its okay kids, Mama will put the camera away now! :)

Are YOUUUUUU wearing BLUE for Autism today?

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