Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color me Hopeful for Boston!

With yesterday's bombing of the Boston Marathon, many people are left scared and asking why. I do not know all of the information on the incident myself, but I do know that this was an act of anger and hatred. Whoever did this was angry at something and felt that they could no longer keep it in. We do not need more anger and hatred in this world, there is enough waiting for you right outside that door. When people are scared or hurt, they turn to anger sometimes to cope. We cannot make this bombing into a scapegoat for something polictical, nor can we use this to fuel our own anger at the world. I have already seen both of these happening and it saddens me. Instead, I choose the route of support and love. Boston needs us now more than ever. Let's not give them anger at the bombing but support and hope towards overcoming this.

With that being said, there is a movement going on today to show support to Boston and the marathon runners. You are supposed to wear a Boston Marathon or marathon/run equivalent to show your support. I have personally participated in 3 runs throughout my life lol: Helena's Turkey Trot, Billings' Heart and Sole Run and Color me Rad. I only have one race shirt though, my color bombed Color me Rad shirt. I decided to wear this shirt to show my support today.

I figured, Color me Hopeful right? :)

My Color me Rad is one of my favorite shirts! Its soooooooooooo pretty and colorful. Makes just about anyone who sees it smile. And I smile, everytime I look at it lol! It reminds me of such an amazing day! Sounds like the perfect running shirt to wear to support Boston!

My family and I wish everyone involved in the Boston Marathon finds peace and closure. I could never imagine what it would have been like, how scary it could have been. Being a mother, I think it would have been very traumatizing. I pray for the families of those lost and injured, plus all of Boston and those affected. And I applaud all the emergeny response workers and volunteers in their immeadiate assistance. You are all saints, bless every one of you.

Are you wearing a marathon/running shirt today? <3

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