Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Know, I Never Write Sunday Posts!

But I felt like it today lol! Just for fun and because I am a little bored lol. Both kids are napping at the same time! I am so awesome, although I'm not sure if its such a feat anymore. Its the little accomplishments...

Aunt Natalie is officially in her third trimester! Yay Aunt Nat! We all cannot wait to meet Baby B! Her baby shower is a week away from today, I am almost ready for it. I am not sure if my family is though lol, this will be a totally different baby shower than all mine have been. But its for Aunt Natalie, so of couse its going to be different from mine! :) I think that all my little ideas for the dino stuff will be super cutsy!

Friday we met up with Heather and the girls at Veteran's Park. It has been sooooooo very nice out the past few days, very horribly windy but nice. I cannot complain. Alan chased Tatum around the playground, then he swung on the swingset with the girls. He is getting more and more into swinging, which I think is cool. I used to just loooooooooove swinging. I could swing for hours and hours as a kid. It is the coolest feeling. Then the kids ran around some more, while Anna watched them and squealed with joy. She wants to be big so bad lol! She loves watching her brother and his friends run around and cannot wait until she is big enough to do that! I love her so much!

Yesterday, I took Alan and Anna to a Healthy Kids event at the Shrine Audiotorium. I did not think there would be too much going on there, but Alan had a fantastic time! There was an obstacle course, clowns, police officers with their dogs, firefighters with their trucks, lots of Disney characters, and even a big moose to pose on lol! Alan went on the obstacle course so many times, he was exhausted afterwards. He picked an Iron Man balloon guy for the clown to make him. Miss Anna just got a pink balloon, but it was all she needed for entertainment lol! Alan also got to talk with the firemen and wear one of their helmets. My big firefighter! :) He liked the dogs and the Disney characters too, but would not let me get a picture of him with them. He told me that the police dogs take their own cell phone pictures with their own police dog cell phones. The imagination he has!

I made tacos for dinner too. Miss Anna tried them for the first time ever and she loved it! She ate a bunch of the meat and cheese but thought the tortilla was very weird. I am not sure exactly how much of it she actually ate lol. She also tried canned peas and carrots for the first time too. My big girl can now pretty much eat whatever we eat for dinner now! Its so cool! I love when they get to this stage! Alan was so much fun, I bet Anna will also be a blast!

Today, we are going to cut Alan's hair and hopefully go for a walk on the Rims with Kelsie and her boys. We will also be stopping by to see both my parents and Lon's parents with the kiddos. You know, same ol' same ol' Sunday lol!

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