Monday, September 8, 2014

Alan's Lego Tumbling Birthday Extravaganza!!!!

So my wild child son could not come up with just ONE thing for his birthday. He has a love for gymnastics and all things tumbling (just like his mama) but he also is quite obsessed with fond of Legos, just like his crazy creative father. :P So he was torn between the two themes. We decided to have his "school friends" party at the YMCA Kids Gym. Then we would invite anyone who wanted to join in to the local Lego store, Bricks and MiniFigs. They could play and look at the Legos with Alan. He loved the idea!

It ended up just being the kids, Lon and I at the Lego store, but Alan didn't care. He was instantly in hog heaven! :) Anna went over and played with the big bricks while Alan and Lon explored the Lego creations throughout the store. We currently have a Lego exhibit at our local art museum, entitled The Art of the Brick. One of the artist's creations was at Bricks and MiniFigs, a sculpture of the inside of an eye! It was so cool and entirely made out of bricks! We took a picture with it, we will have to get down to the museum soon to see the exhibit!

Alan and Anna each made several mini-figures to buy and then it was time to go. When we told the store owner about Alan's birthday wish to come here and he discounted our price hardcore! I think he gave us two figures for free, so like $8 off the total! That is pretty decent considering that we only spent $20 total. But it was a great birthday trip! Alan wants a party there next year lol! We will see…

We had so many people show up to Alan's tumble party! I think there was eleven kids there total! We all had an absolute blast! Several kids, including Mister Alan, said that this was the "BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!" I love it lol! Even though we told everyone no presents, Alan got so many Legos! He will be set until next year at this rate! Thanks everyone! Special shout out to my mom for transportation, my Aunt Marnie for helping set up, Lon for playing with the kids and wearing them out lol, Aunt Ariel for helping babysit and Miss Heather for all the awesome photos! You guys are all awesome!

Going over the rules of the gym room

Mom and Dad setting up the cake :D
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…"

Mmmmmm! Yummy chocolate cake!

The progression of the obstacle course

Going across the rockwall
Anna's turn with Daddy's help

Thanks to everyone who helped make his day special! Happy birthday Alan!

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