Friday, September 12, 2014

The Potty Train Continues

We have a pretty easy going weekend, thankfully!! I have been waiting for one of those for some time now! Saturday I teach my second hip hop class and then we plan on going to Uncle Kalvin's football game at Stewart Park fields. Sunday we have family pictures with my good buddy and our family photographer Miss Kels. I am very excited to get family pictures taken, but I am a little nervous about what we will all wear lol! It may get chilly again this weekend, I hope it doesn't snow! She said that she would love to take photos in the snow lol!

Disclaimer: Mom and Dad potty training talk coming up ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you, go to the next blog post if you don't want to read! You've been officially warned!

Miss Anna has officially been potty training for about four months now. She has been doing pretty good lately, so we have finally reached the underwear milestone! I am so excited for her! We bought her first pair of undies this week. She couldn't wait to try them on! My big girl is growing up so quickly, its unbelievable!

As of right now, she goes potty on the potty (and wears pull-ups) at school and at home. We have tried a few potty trips while at the library and at a few other public places, but she has yet to actually go potty there. However, she is going potty almost every time I put her on the potty now. She also has been asking to go potty when she needs to. She also went poop in the potty for the first time at school this past week. So I think that she is ready to try underwear!

While big brother is at school, we play at the library!

The plan is that she will start wearing her underwear at school and around the house. I will have to be diligent and make sure she has no accidents. We will still have her wear pull-ups in public and at night. But I hope that she will catch on to the underwear thing quickly! Here's hoping! If she is potty trained by September 2015, she could go into preschool that year. But that is only if it works that way, I will also be totally okay if she waited until she was four years old before being ready for preschool. That's what Alan did too, and I feel like it will work in his best interest. :)

Speaking of preschool, Monday Alan's class is going to the zoo! Oh he is so excited to go! I hope to get off of work in time to help chaperone, like I did last year. But we will see. I am not able to get off, I hope that one of his preschool teachers will snap a photo of my handsome guy for me! He will have such a great time!

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