Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Fun Weekend!

This weekend was quite the crazy one for us. We had two sets of family members surprise us by coming into town, one from Lon's family and one from mine! Uncle Cameron came into town from Seattle and the Glover family came into town from Missoula! It was pretty awesome! We also had Colton's birthday party (but that's for another post)… And we went to the NEW Scheel's! The kids had a blast their and I didn't spend a dime! Yes! :D

I failed to get one good picture of Uncle Cameron and the kids, but they had a blast with him over the weekend. We are kinda poor right now lol, so we just stayed at home and watched the new Spiderman and Captain America with Uncle Cameron. And Alan showed him all of his Legos. Anna started saying his name while he was here too! That must've been very cool for Uncle Cameron! :) Ah they loved every minute that he was there! Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Cam! We love you bunches! Have a safe trip back to Washington!

Posing with a bear at Scheel's
We were also surprised by my sister and her family! Lucky us! Friday evening, we took them out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I had the always delicious Portobello Mushroom Chicken with seasoned rice. Yum! I love Texas Roadhouse's rice, it is just amazing! The kids were all quite wild though, Texas Roadhouse is always such a crazy place lol! It never fails to wind them up! Saturday after work, we all went to the new Scheel's store. Its supposedly the second biggest in America, the first being the one in Fargo, North Dakota. I have been to that one too and honestly, they all look the same to me lol. If you see one Scheel's then you've seen a thousand! :P The kids sure did enjoy it though. We looked at all the presidents and all the stuffed animals. There is a HUGE ferris wheel, which neither of my children would ride. Of course! They have shopping carts with toy cars for the kids to ride in. And they even have a play area by the shoe section. We let Alan and Anna play in there for a good hour! They had a blast!

We were in need of new tennis shoes for Miss Anna and surprisingly, Scheel's had a good sale for toddler shoes. Anna got to choose between Barbie shoes or Batman shoes and guess which ones she chose? BATMAN!!!!!!!!!! :D I am so proud of my awesome big girl, she picked the cool shoes even though they weren't "girly" or anything like that! You rock Anna!

This morning we had a big breakfast with my sister and her family before they left town. Then we went on a nice long bike ride with Uncle Kalvin while we waited for Lon to get off of work. It was a bit chilly outside but we all still had fun anyways. Alan is getting really good at riding his big boy bike. He only tipped it over three times the whole trip! And each time, he jumped right back on the bike! What a big guy he is growing up to be!

We had a wonderful weekend with both of our families! Lon and I are so blessed to have so many siblings who love our children! Alan and Anna have six uncles and four aunts who love them so much! Thanks guys, we love you all too!

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