Friday, March 8, 2013

I am Terrible with Titles Lately...

I cannot seem to think of one for the life of me lol! Oh well, lots of things have been going on at the Andersen household, some great so-called "life upgrades" and other cool stuff lol. Alan is still sick, he is getting over a bad cold and a double ear infection, but he is starting to eat again and beginning to act more like his old wild self. This makes me very happy! Earlier this week, Uncle Chase was over to hang out with the kids and it started to hail really hard outside. There was thunder and lightning too, and the hail eventually turned into snow. It was so crazy! It was sunny and nice outside one moment, and a snowy whiteout the next! You could not even see more than twenty feet in front of you at a certain point!

Here is crazy Uncle Chase out in it lol! He and Lon insisted on going outside to collect snow for snowcones, but they were not very successful! It was too wild out there lol! You cannot see, but I am taking this picture with one hand. The other one is restraining Alan, who also really wanted to go outside lol. Boys...

Speaking of that handsome little boy,

Today I took him to the eye doctor. If you remember, he recently went to his preschool screening and was refered to an eye doctor because he failed his vision test several times. Well after many tests that were honestly very difficult for a little guy to do and an hour or so, the doctor determined that Alan was infact very farsighted and would need glasses. He is to wear them as much as we can get him to, the doctor said. This would explain a lot of things for me, I am so glad that I took him!

After that, we went and picked out his glasses. I think that Alan thought we were picking sunglasses for him because he was a little discouraged when he saw his selection. We had picked out six adorable pairs that were in our insurance range. After sometime, he decided on a nice black rectangular shaped pair. He was way too shy to let me take a picture of him wearing them, but I can personally say that he looks soooooooooooooooooooo handsome with his glasses! Like my little smart boy, professor! Oh I love him so much!

Remember how above I mentioned all the upgrades we are doing? Well,  we recently have bought both children new bigger beds for them. We bought Anna a crib (which we have yet to set up) and we bought Alan a twin storage bed. We set that up Wednesday night and let me tell you, Alan just loves it! It is so much bigger than his toddler bed and so much taller. He loves how much it makes him feel like a big boy, Lon and I love that we can snuggle with him in his bed now. Plus it looks just so darn cute!

We will hopefully set up Anna's crib today or tomorrow, so I will post pictures of it when we do. But for now, here is Alan showing you readers his bed. He is soooooooooo very excited lol!

Aunt Natalie says that Baby B (I am mean and am going to keep his name from you guys until I do a real post on it lol. Sorry!) is doing very well! She has a doctor appointment next week but everything is going smoothly. She finally is over the morning sickness for the most part, which I am personally very happy about. I was a little worried that she would have it all nine months like I did with both children. I was texting her today about maternity pictures, we might do them on the Rims like I did with Anna!

Tonight we are going out to dinner with my good friend Chelsey and her three boys. We will be going to Chuck E Cheese. I am not entirely thrilled about the whole concept at the moment, only because I used to work there and I remember how Fridays go there. Ugh. But Alan has been talking about it since he woke up, I know that he cannot wait. It should be fun, I will be sure to post some pictures next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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