Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Y Staff Party 2013

This weekend was my staff dinner party, it was held at the local Elks Club. We originally wanted to go but due to craziness and general life stuff, I forgot to RSVP for the event. My boss told me that we could go anyways, so I found a last minute baby sitter (thanks Grandma Melanie) and we got ready for the party. I figured out my pumping schedule so that I could drink some too. I was pretty excited, needless to say. I posted this status on my Facebook:

"Getting ready for the Y staff dinner. I am very excited to go! In the 2+ years I have worked there, Lon and I have yet to actually go to one of the staff parties. It should be lots of fun! Who else is going?"

We arrived at the party a little late but that was due to Anna wanting to nurse right before we left lol. We still made it in time for dinner, we just missed the cocktail drinks beforehand. No biggie, I could not start drinking until after dinner and a nursing break anyways. :) Dinner was DELICIOUS!!!! It was chicken, covered in melted cheese with tomatoes and herbs. It probably has some fancy name but I did not know it. It was sooooo yummy though! They loaded us up with potatoes too and rolls and salad, Lon and I were unbelievably full afterward! The awards were held while we had cake, some of my favorite staff members won awards. Including my favorite director, Shannon, who's like five months pregnant with twins. She won the Staff of the Year Award and rightly so, she is a phenomenal staff member! She would do anything for her kids or fellow employees. I love Shannon so much and am so happy for her!

After that, it was time to dance! We all danced to the typical theme song for our work lol, YMCA. It was soooooooooooo much fun dancing with all of my coworkers, I seriously love them so much. The other dance teacher, Jenna, and I decided to use that song as our finale song for the showcase too. I think it will be perfect! Unfortunately, I was not able to dance for very long because we had to go check on the kids and I had to nurse Anna for the last time that night. But after that, I was able to have some fun and drink!

An instagram pic I posted of us dancing.

I drank for the first time since before I got pregnant lol and let me tell you, it did not take too much! I just had a Pepsi with a couple shots as well as some of Lon's drink. And I was having some fun!! I wanted to dance with everyone and talk with all my buddies lol. Lon had to pretty much drag me out of there practically when it was time to leave. I was having too much fun! I am so glad that we decided to go this year, I truly love all of my coworkers. They are my family's second family!

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