Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday! March 27, 2013

Happy Spring Break Day! Today is the first day of spring break for our town's school district and my siblings are pretty darn excited! Alan also does not have gymnastics today so he will be going to daycare with me twice this week. The girls I work with will be happy lol! :) Grandpa Kevin, Aunt April and Uncle .Kalvin will be meeting Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake to visit some of our family over Easter, so it will just our family and my mom for Easter. Hopefully we can get the Great Grandparents to come over too!

Here is this week's What I'm Loving Wednesday! Enjoy!

I'm loving... that Easter is on Sunday! That means Easter Bunny visits and egg dying and egg hunts and treats and family and laughter and love! Plus its Anna's first Easter. Soooooooo excited!

I'm loving... how into Easter Alan is this year. Yesterday we saw one of the bunnies who we share our yard with, and Alan legitmetly thought it was the Easter Bunny. We followed that bunny around for maybe five minutes lol!

I'm loving... that I have started teaching my students their showcase pieces this week! We are REALLY getting into this and its safe to say that it will be amazing!

I'm loving... that the weather was nice enough for us to meet Chelsea and her sweet girls Teagan and Harper at Rose Park yesterday. The kids all had a great time, even though we were only there for maybe a half an hour due to the cold weather.

I'm loving... that its now less than a month until our two year wedding anniversary. It seems like just yesterday I was trying on that dress!

I'm loving... all the new apps I found this week for free! I found one for meditation (has daily mantras and a timer, which is oddly useful lol), one for Budhism, one for my breastfeeding (I absolutely LOVE this one) and one to help Alan with potty training. I love my smart phone! :)

I'm loving... the family who moved into our old apartment. Amazon somehow sent our digital camera to them last week and they saved it for me! I stopped by Saturday and they were so worried about finding its owner, they were going to contact the landlord! She was so glad I stopped by and I honestly was too lol! Yay love my new camera!

I'm loving... that Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake picked a theme for Baby B's shower. I am going to be mean and not share it with you quite yet, but it will be fun for all ages! I think I might do a game or two for the kids that will be there, I have some simple ideas that will make a few great games! Oh how I love Pinterest!

I'm loving... that I will get to see Kelsie with her boys Kelton and Karter on Friday. We have plans to go to the mall and I just realized that the Easter Bunny will also be there. How much fun would it be to go visit him?! I know that my silly mom wants to do all the kids together for the Easter picture like always, but we can all still visit him! :)

I'm loving...  that today is my Friday at work! I love my job but a nice break is always good for the soul. :) I get five days off this weekend! Happy Easter to me! :)

I'm loving... my family, my job and my life!

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