Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy birthday Uncle Jake!!

Today is Uncle Jake's birthday.

I first met Jake sometime last year, I believe. He is dating my sister Natalie, they are due with a little boy in July. Back when I first met him, I was admittedly judgemental. My sister had never really dated someone that serious, so I wanted to make sure he was good enough for her. And he definitely is!

Jake is a kind- hearted, down-to-earth sorta guy. He is good with kids and is about as wild at heart as Natalie is. They are just perfect for each other! He loves dirt biking as much as my family does, which is sorta a requirement to join our family lol. :P

I hope you have a great birthday Jake! I wish that we could celebrate with you guys, we will have to make up for it when you are in town! Happy birthday Uncle Jake!

Here is a pic of Jake and Natalie's baby. He's so cute already lol! Love him so much!

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