Monday, March 18, 2013

First Post from New Phone

I just found an app on my phone for blogger, of course I had to get it lol! I also have a new instagram account (yes, I joined the craze lol) you can follow me at jillianjandersen. Go find it now!!!

This weekend was quite eventful. I don't even feel like going over last week with you yet, there was a lot of crazy medical stuff with Lon and we are still mentally proccessing that. Just know that Lon is okay now. But back to this weekend...

Saturday night, I took the kids to Geyser Park. Alan was quite antzy all day and he deserved to go somewhere special. So we went and had pizza, played some games and played in the tubes. Alan has really shocked me how much he truly has grown up lately. We played Pac Man together and he even beat me a few times! I was proud of him lol.

Sunday was Spotlight Dance Competition. Aunt April and several of my old dance students performed, so the kids and I went to support them. Diversity was performing a lot of their older performances from the last year I danced as a student. It was very interesting to see all the dances I knew and loved. My favorites were By My Side, Allegro Agitato and Addicted. April also competed in the Dance Down and performed her solo.

Of all of her dances, she received six diamonds and one ruby, not including the diamond she received for her solo. Her solo received sixth overall for teen solos and the group dances won several additional awards as well. Diversity did fantastic at Spotlight this year!

This is going to take some getting used to lol, so I will call this post good for now. Bear with me readers! :)

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