Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mostly a Photo Dump and Some Thoughts too

Not too much has gone on here the past few days. We were going to go to a park today but the weather was not the best (where did Wednesday's spring weather go?) and Alan wasn't feeling his best. But we did get him a new pair of shoes, the first pair EVER with shoelaces. :) Alan insisted on learning how to tie them right away lol but after many attempts, our gungho guy gave in and let me help. In due time, young one! :)

Started the plans for Aunt Nat's baby shower. She wants it the day after her birthday and to be dinosaur themed. I bet I can think of some cute stuff to go with that! :)

My darn camera has yet to show up, ugggggh I may be the most impatient person I know lol. But I want it here nowwwwwww! Lol how juvenille can I be?

Other than that, its been pretty quiet around here this week. Just catching up on EVERYTHING from last week when everyone was sick, work and housework and the like. We got my car finally fixed and are still under investigation with Lon's car currently. Hope we can get that figured out soon!

I will leave you with some instagram photos. I am officially addicted. There I said it!

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