Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Twelve Posts of 2012

I did this last year and really enjoyed it, so I figured that I would do this again this year in place of December's Month in Review post. Its like a Year in Review post lol. Sound good? Here we go!!!

Nature v.s. Nuture: Which One Do You Believe?

I enjoyed writting this post. It is a very interesting topic I had a great time researching and exploring each different philosophy. And then forming my own opinion. I hope others also enjoyed it!

Our Baby Girl's Name

This post is also very dear to my heart. We thought long and hard about a boy name but when we found out she was going to be a girl, I was at a lost. How sweet of Lon to think up her PERFECT name all by himself! Melts my heart so. Just another way he's shown us how much he loves her.

One Year Ago...

We celebrated our one year anniversary this year. That was very special to me, because I was also expecting Anna at the time. We did not do too much for it but we spent it togther and that is the point. I love you Lon Andersen!

The Last Five Years of My Life

In this post, I look back upon the last five years of my life up until that point (May 20th) and reflect. Alot has happened to me in five years, I feel like more than most people. I would not change it for anything though!

Its a...

Of course I picked this one for the countdown! It was when we first found out we were having a girl! Oh, I remember that day so fondly...

Our Christmas Through Photos

I loved this so much. Anna's FIRST Christmas and Alan's first Christmas that he was excited about and knew what was going on. It was so much fun! I cannot wait for next Christmas now! It will be even better!

Happy Third Birthday Alan Mikael! And 400th Post!!

I cannot believe that my big boy is already three years old! He is so mature! Oh I love him so much! Of course this would be on here lol!

Alan's Birthday Bubble Bonanza

Alan's birthday was so perfect this year! He had so many of his loved ones attend and he spent the perfectly warm afternoon playing bubbles and making cupcakes. We had an awesome time! I can only hope that Anna's first birthday is as good lol!

Anna's Birth Story

Anna's birth story was slightly similar to Alan's, yet it was completely her own. I love this post and do come back and read it often, as I do with Alan's birth story. I love my children so much, it is so awesome to be able to come on here and remember the two best days of my life!

Anna Has Arrived!

Of course I chose Anna's birth as my favorite post of this year lol! Last year was her birth announcement. Plus this countdown was FULL of posts about her, she definitely was one of the best things the happened to us this year!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year! Please make wise decisions and drive safely! No drunk drivers ANYWHERE please! :D Lon and I do not have any plans for tonight, we will be having taco soup for dinner with my parents as is tradition but then we will be retiring early for the night. Alan has Influenza A, we went to the emergency room yesterday for it. He is okay, just very sick. Our poor guy is at least no longer contagious, so tomorrow he will be able to enjoy his New Year party tomorrow at Off the Leaf.

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