Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Last Five Years of My Life

I just realized that Sunday is not only my baby shower, but the five year anniversary of my high school graduation day. Wow, five years really????? That is just crazy to me lol. A lot has happened to me in the past five years, I went from being a wild child to a grown adult.

Here is the last five years of my life in a nutshell:

May 20, 2007:
I graduate from Senior High School at the Metra Park Stadium.

One of my senior pictures, circa 2007

July 2007:
I turn 18 years old in Las Vegas, NV with my mother and sister.

August 2007:
I start teaching dance at Tracy's School of Dance.

September 2007:
I studied a year at Montana State University-Billings, majoring in Art Education.

December 2007:
I get my first tattoo, roses for Rosalie, on my stomach.

March 2008:
I move out of my parent's house and into my first apartment ever with Sarah, Alec and Darren.

April 2008:
I get my second tattoo, a purple sparrow, on the left side of my chest.

July 2008:
I celebrate my 19th birthday in Minneapolis, MN at the Ten Thousand Lakes Festival with Sarah.

August 2008:
I meet Lon through his older brother Tyler. We start hanging out.

September 2008:
Lon and I start dating.

October 2008:
I quit smoking cigarettes, as a birthday present to Lon for his 21st birthday.

November 2008:
Lon and I moved into our own apartment together.

December 2008:
We found out we are expecting!

Pregnancy photos, circa 2009

May 2009:
Its a boy!!!!!!!!

July 2009:
I celebrate my 20th birthday at home with Lon and my family, 34 weeks pregnant.

September 2009:
Alan Mikael Andersen is born!!!!!!!!!! I begin my journey as a stay at home mother.

We looked so nervous lol

October 2009:
Lon and I go to a Pepper concert for Lon's 22nd birthday.

March 2010:
Lon and I are married by common law. We also buy a car, a 1993 Cadillac Seville.

July 2010:
I celebrate my 21st birthday, but am more interested in my baby boy than legally drinking for the first time.

August 2010:
Just a few days before Alan's birthday, I am hired at the YMCA Child Watch.

September 2010:
Alan turns one year old!!!!! We have his party at Zoo Montana.

October 2010:
Alan and I make Daddy (Lon) a cake for his 23rd birthday.

January 2011:
Lon and I buy our second car, a 1996 Toyota Camry.

February 2011:
We announce our wedding plans to our family and friends.

April 2011:
We are married outside the courthouse with our loved ones on a beautiful spring day.

"Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

July 2011:
I turn 22 years old so we go out with a few friends.

September 2011:
Alan turns two years old!!!! We throw him a Cars themed party at Sacajawea Park.

October 2011:
We have a small get together at a close friend's house for Lon's 24th birthday party.

November 2011:
Lon and I find out that we are expecting our second child together!

February 2012:
Its a girl!!!!!!!!!

Our little Anna Ariel!

April 2012:
Lon is in a car wreck and totals his Cadillac. :(

May 2012:
We start potty training Alan, in preparation for Anna's arrival and for preschool in the fall.

Wow, so much has happened! It seems like a lot more when I write it all down like this too lol. Its even more crazy to think about where my family and I will be in the next five years, Alan will be 8 and Anna will be 5 and we could be expecting our third (or even fourth lol) child! :D

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