Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 and Jessica's Wedding Day

This weekend was quite busy for us. Saturday I worked all day and then that night Alan and I went over to my parent's house to have a barbecue. It was a gorgeous 70 degree night, so we all sat out in the backyard and watched Alan and Uncle Kalvin play while Grandpa Kevin grilled burgers and bratwurst. Then we started a fire in their outdoor fireplace and watched the flames while we had dinner. Alan thought the "campfire" was super cool lol, he just stared at it while he ate. :) Once it was completely dark out (not until like nine lol) we decided it was time to head home. Alan needed a shower for the wedding the next day and I was exhausted beyond belief lol. But it was a nice start to my Mother's Day.

As I stated yesterday, I told Lon that I didn't want him to spend any money on me this Mother's Day because I felt that I didn't need materials to celebrate my motherhood. He told me that he felt I deserved more, so I told him to give me three gifts. The three simple gifts I asked of him: For him to take out the garbage lol (I know, lame gift but I hate taking out garbage, especially now), for him to not work at all that day (Yes, I actually had to make this be a gift so he wouldn't work lol), and to go to Jessica's wedding with me (Lon hates weddings, so this was a must too). He gladly agreed to these lol.

Mother's Day morning, Lon let me sleep in. We were really hoping I wouldn't have morning sickness that day, but I had already woken up between four and six to get sick. So the sleeping in really only replaced the lost hours lol, but I was still grateful. He then made Alan and I breakfast burritos for breakfast, they were pretty good! He also gave my the card that Alan and him had made me, which almost made me cry lol! We hung out and watched a few movies before having to get ready for Jessica's wedding. I am so upset that I didn't get a family picture of us dressed in our wedding attire, we all matched and looked so nice! I will have to look and see if her photographer got any shots of us and post them up here lol.

Jessica and Wade's wedding was at our town's train depot, the same place where Alan and I had gone for Easter earlier this year. Upon entry, Alan assumed that we were going to go play in the bouncy house (there was one set up for Easter right where Jessica's alter was lol) and was somewhat upset that there was no bouncy house. We were a few minutes late and missed the outside procession, but apparently Jessica and Wade came in her pink Studebaker with the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed all on Harleys. I was somewhat disappointed we missed that, Alan would have freaked out lol!

The wedding was beautiful. Their colors were black and blue, with the bridesmaids in black dresses and their beautiful blue flowers in their hair and their bouquets. Alan loved seeing his BFF Korbin and Jessica's niece ride down the aisle in a wagon, he kept shouting and waving lol. Thank goodness this was a family friendly wedding and he wasn't the only kid yelling. :P Jessica, of course, looked absolutely stunningly gorgeous in her wedding gown, it had lace detail and I loved her cathedral length veil! So traditional and so beautiful! :) They had a traditional Catholic wedding and they did the traditional sand pouring ritual. I thought it was a beautiful service and that you could just see the love pouring from the two of them. Once the service was over, we waited congratulate the bride and groom and see the rest of the family before dropping Alan off at my parent's for the reception.

The reception was at a bar, The Wild West Saloon, and even though children were invited, Lon and I didn't want to spend our whole time chasing our wild man. So my Mother's Day gift from my mom to me was babysitting Alan for us so we could go on a date. We arrived at the saloon just as Jessica and Wade were finishing up taking their wedding pictures, so we hopped in the food line and ate real quick before the festivities began. First, the wedding party did their toasts. We sat near my friend Erica (Jessica's sister) for these. Lon with his rum and coke, me with my water lol. Admittedly, I got a little emotional during the toasts and started tearing up lol. But I survived without too much embarrassment. :) Then came the cake cutting. I remember Jessica telling me earlier that week at work that she really hoped Wade didn't cover her dress in cake, and needless to say, he got some cake on her lol. They totally shoved it into each others faces lol! Oh well!

Their cake was to die for! They had chocolate and red velvet slices, so Lon took a red velvet and I took a chocolate. And we shared lol! :P It was so yummy though! I even spoiled myself and got a Dr. Pepper (like the ONLY thing I have been craving lately, but the caffeine is often too much for me) which made the cake even better in my personal pregnant opinion lol. After cake, we headed over to the dance floor to watch the dancing activities. I had originally really wanted to spend the night dancing with Lon but by the time we had gotten to Jessica and Wade's first dance, I was ready to go home and crawl into bed lol. We watched their first dance and then watched while they did the Couple Dollar Dance, but then we ended up leaving. Perfect timing too because as we were getting into our car, my mom called me and told me that Alan was ready for us to come get him. He had covered himself in dirt while outside with Grandpa Kevin and was in desperate need of another shower lol.

I do have to say though, that I had a great Mother's Day and a wonderful time at Jessica and Wade's wedding. Congratulations again guys, we wish you nothing but endless years of love and happiness. :) Now, get pregnant Jessica so Alan and Anna can have some more friends lol! :P Love you guys.

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