Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Somewhat Upsetting Midwife Appointment

I was all excited about my weight after finishing up my Pregnancy Post and going to my midwife appointment yesterday, but that feeling was soon shot down. If you don't remember, I thought I had gained five more pounds since I had last been to the midwives, according to my mother's scale. Well, as I stood on that scale at the midwife office, my heart started sinking as I watched the numbers sink themselves. Not only did I NOT gain any weight, but I lost a pound. :( My nurse didn't say too much about it, I think she sensed how upset I was about it, but my new midwife sure did.

I met with Katie today. She was nice, by far the youngest of the midwives there, so I was kinda glad it was her I had to talk to about this. She asked me what my daily diet looked like and how my morning sickness was. She seemed less worried when I explained that I was in a similar situation with Alan and he came out a healthy weight, but she still told me to up my iron supplement intake and try to eat more food. She also mentioned some scary things like more blood work being needed, the possibility of needing an Iron IV, bed rest and even an early induction if Anna proved to be not growing anymore. :( Then she measured my belly and I was a week smaller too. Katie said as long as this didn't continue with the next few appointments we would be okay. Then she checked to see if Anna's size in comparison to my belly and if she was facing down, which she was. After checking Anna's heart rate, which was a healthy 140 beats per minute (right where it should be), Katie assured me that as long as I continued to strive towards weight gain Anna would be alright.

I am, admittedly anxious about this whole situation. My next appointment is in two weeks and I might cry if I don't gain anymore weight. My head has been spinning around all the scary things Katie had to tell me (it is her job to let her patients know all the possibilities) and I have been sick with worry. I get anxious when I don't feel Anna moving all the time but I remind myself she is probably just sleeping. I can feel my anxiety disorder creeping up on me with all this stress I have been having, so I just try to keep focused on the task at hand. I have been meditating a lot and I focus my energies towards storing nutrients and weight for my baby girl. I have also been exercising to help keep me calm, but nothing too strenuous. I mostly just stretch my muscles and do yoga. I just keep praying that everything goes okay and we both stay healthy. However, positive thoughts do equal good health so I need to do that too.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or something similar? I could really use some support on this. I just feel so at loss right now. :(

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