Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend Plans: Operation Spring Cleaning and Declutter House for Anna!

I just wanted to stop by and give you an idea of what we are doing this weekend. :) Here is my extensive list, hoping to accomplish at least five things a day!

Step One:
Sort through Alan's toys, stuffed animals and clothes that are too small.

Step Two:
Clean and bleach all toys in the bathtub.

Step Three:
Expand Alan's play area in the living room to better accommodate for his age.

Step Four:
Take all of Alan's old clothes to second hand store to trade in.

Step Five:
Take my old clothes to Good Will for donations.

Step Six:
Sort through all of our dishes, wash them and deep clean the kitchen.

Step Seven:
Put everything that's packed in boxes back away.

Step Eight:
Clean our bedroom and organize it better.

Step Nine:
Hang up everyone's clothes in the closet and put away the rest.

Step Ten:
Put together Anna's stuff and set up her nursery!

Step Eleven:
Deep vacuum and shampoo carpet.

Step Twelve:
Deep clean bathroom.

Step Thirteen:
Put back up our family pictures and my elephant collection in the living room.

Step Fourteen:
Take remaining laundry to my parent's house to be washed. Start that process.

Step Fifteen:
Take the rest of the recycling to the Recycling Center.

I have quite the cleaning list made, huh? Can you say nesting lol? My mom is freaking out, thinking Anna is gonna come this weekend. She better not, I have to much to do lol! :D

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