Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Twentieth Birthday Aunt Natalie!!

Today is Aunt Natalie's twentieth birthday.

My sister and I have always been real close. We are three years apart and spent most of our childhood with just the two of us as sisters. We shared a bedroom for the longest time and have spent endless nights up together sharing our darkest secrets. Not much has changed either. She is still one of my best friends and I feel like I can tell her almost anything. We are still really close, even though she goes to school in Missoula like six hours away from me. I talk to her at least every other day. I had her be one of my bridesmaids in my wedding too. :) I love you Natalie!

Natalie and I, circa 2008

Natalie has grown from the wild child that I love from my childhood to the smart, beautiful and mature woman she is now. She is so smart, doing great in her major of radiology in college, and works really hard. She is currently juggling two jobs! Wow! :D Her real passion is dirt biking (just like my father and Uncle Kalvin) and she is quite skilled at it. She can keep up with some of the best riders we have at our bike club!

April and Natalie at Elk Basin

I think she is one of the best aunts that Alan has! She doesn't get to see him as much as Aunt April or Aunt Ariel but she still makes a point to be as involved in his life as she can. She is always buying him little gifts to bring home to him on her visits and when she is in town, she is always volunteering to pick him up from school or babysit him for us. Alan just adores her too! He talks a lot about his Aunt Nanny and gets excited when he gets to see her. I have also seen him follow her around like a little puppy or a shadow lol. He loves his Aunt Nanny so!

Aunt Natalie with Alan

And a note on her relationship with boyfriend Jake? Lon and I fully approve and give you both our blessings. :D I haven't seen Natalie this happy with anyone else, ever. And he is there for her during the hard times as well. When you find a person like that, you need to keep them close to your heart. They are one in a million and as rare as a shooting star. I know this, only because I have found my true one in Lon. :) Natalie, you hold onto that boy of yours and marry him as fast as you can lol! He is a good man that you can't lose! :P

Happy twentieth birthday babe! Alan, Lon and I love you so very much!

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