Monday, May 7, 2012

Uncle Kalvin and Aunt Natalie's Birthday Parties and Mother's Day Week

I am disappointed to say that I did not take a single picture this weekend, even though I had my sister and her boyfriend in town and had all these parties lol. But my sister did get a good shot of her and Kalvin in the sombreros from her Cinco de Mayo birthday dinner at Dos Machos. Its quite the hoot! :)

Uncle Kalvin and Aunt Natalie in their birthday sombreros 

We had a fun weekend. We went to Uncle Kalvin's birthday party Saturday afternoon at the Reef, an indoor water park. Alan had gone a few times without me since I had had him, but I hadn't been to the Reef since I was pregnant with him. It was a little different from last time, to say the least lol. Last time, I was pregnant but otherwise childless and this time around I had a very active, very excited toddler with me who wanted to do and try everything lol. Including the big kid tubing slides...

Alan drug me all over that water park lol, from the water playground to the wave pool to the big kid slides and back again. He wouldn't get fully in the water himself, but really enjoyed splashing in the shallow part of the wave pool. He did however get upset with me when I tried to sit in the water myself to cool down. Silly boy! :) Then we went down the littlest slide on the water playground like a billion times, until Alan's little lips were starting to turn blue. So he took a break and warmed up with Grandma Melanie while I had some pizza. I was just about to give him his piece when I noticed he had fallen asleep in Grandma's lap! Lol all that playing in the water must've worn him right out! He slept through presents and even cake, and with all the loud noises of the indoor water park (it was so echoey in there, I have no idea how he slept through it lol). But I got to relax for the last part of the party and people watch lol, plus he was nice and refreshed for Aunt Natalie's birthday dinner afterwards so we got lucky. :)

People watching while pregnant with my current stresses can be a little bit nauseating lol, to say the least. I should start off by saying that I am not normally judgmental unless my anxiety kicks in and I have a HUGE fear of young children around water. The risk of drowning scares the heck out of me. So while I was sitting there with Alan sleeping on my lap, I almost screamed or threw up several times. There were seriously children YOUNGER than Alan wandering around the park unattended. I saw a toddler almost fall into a pool (Vomit) and a preschool slip and fall right on his poor face! Then there was the lady with the infant in her arms and the toddler following her who kept going the opposite way she was! And the toddler was maybe eighteen months old lol. *Shudders* Ugh, I just wanted to put life jackets on all of the kids lol! Made me so nervous!

A ton of people came to Aunt Natalie's dinner. Great Grandma Carol and Great Grandpa Floyd were there, as well as my cousin Blake and his girlfriend Maddie. They had some very surprising news to share with us, though I will wait a bit to share it with you. Out of respect to them of course. :) We are very happy for them though!!! :D Then of course Natalie's boyfriend Jake was there and so was Kalvin's friend Kale. We filled up a big table and even had to pull over extra chairs for everyone lol! It was great to see everyone though. Alan had a corn dog and a ton of chips with hot salsa (how does he eat that lol????) while I had chicken enchiladas and a chicken taco. Yummy! Grandpa Kevin entertained the boys by making endless amounts of paper airplanes, which they all instantly sent flying. I thought we were going to get kicked out lol! :P Then the whole restaurant tuned in to sing them a huge happy birthday song and we all had some fried ice cream (except me, I hate that stuff). All in all, it was a great Saturday and a great celebration of my two siblings' birthdays.

Today, Alan and I have been running around doing errands. We had to take a trip to the bank, the store and then finally the post office. I *almost* was able to mail off my Red Dress to Miss Megan, but my baby shower invitations ended up costing more than I thought. Fooey. :P Alan behaved most of the time, except for when he thought it would be a lot of fun to gallop around the post office without me lol. Oh well.

Starting tomorrow and running until Sunday, I will be holding my Mother's Day Week of posts. I hope everyone will tune in for it, they might get a little emotional because of my pregnancy lol so be warned. :)

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