Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How My Weekend Went...

I had a very good weekend. It wasn't too busy, which was just perfect, and even though Grandma Melanie and Aunt April were out of state, I enjoyed the time I spent with my family. Friday night was Jessica's Bachelorette Party, Saturday I worked and then had a pizza party with Alan and Sunday we went to Pioneer Park for our Arbor Day Tree Scavenger Hunt. We had a pretty decent weekend! :D

Jessica's Bachelorette Party was a lot of fun for me actually! :) I was pleasantly surprised lol. Because I had covered her shift for her, I missed the dinner but met up with them at their first bar destination. Manny's Sports Bar and Grill. There was a comedian in the actual bar part that I wasn't aware of, so I walked in on the show and embarrassed myself, to say the least lol. But I quickly found them thanks to the help from the very polite bouncer (I mean, I interrupted the show and he was still helpful and nice!) and after receiving my Team Bride shirt and my nickname (I was Hot Hippie Mama and even Anna was nicknamed The Future Bachelorette by the girls), we were ready to party!! I went wild and ordered myself a Pepsi lol to participate in the toasts and we took pictures and gambled a little (I didn't lol, I am never lucky). We also went to Hudsons, where we had a lot of fun laughing at all the horrible drunk karaoke singers because none of us were brave enough to sing ourselves lol, and the Wild West, where I had a blast dancing, before I had to retire from the night. But I got to spend time with my favorite Bride-to-Be and some other great co-workers so it was totally worth it! And I saw some people who I hadn't seen in ages! Definitely was a good night!

I have to tell you this funny thing we came up with to "scare" those creeper guys off. Because trust me when there are like seven of us attractive girls all in pink Team Bride shirts, we get a lot of attention. Mostly from the creeper guys.

And I'll be honest with you all, some of us didn't have the most appropriate nicknames or sayings written on our shirts and that drew A LOT of attention as well lol. Hey don't judge, we were at a Bachelorette Party! :P

Anyways, we all decided that we would draw mustaches on our finger so that when a bunch of creepers came up, we could all turn around and respond to them with ugly mustaches lol! I thought it was a hoot, so I even participated. And the best part? It worked! Like several times lol! :P I have to get our group photo of all of us with our mustaches on here, I will do my best because you guys would LOVE it! We had a little too much fun with them lol.

Saturday's pizza party with Alan was quite fun too. I had just gotten off of working a five hour birthday party shift and was too tired to cook. We went over to my parent's to do some laundry since Lon was working, so I ordered a pepperoni pizza. Alan and I spent the whole night watching movies, eating pizza and ice cream, and folding laundry. We had so much fun!

Sunday was Arbor Day and though I forgot to post a blog post about it, I hadn't forgotten about celebrating it. Tree planting was once again out of the question this year, I am seven months pregnant and also hadn't had any luck finding a place to plant a tree. But I still wanted Alan and I to celebrate the holiday. So we went to the bookstore to find a book about trees. And the book we found was called We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow.

I really like this book! Its so cute! :) We then went to Pioneer Park with my Tree Scavenger Hunt List. Of the fifteen trees on the list, we were able to find twelve of them at Pioneer Park and the surrounding neighborhoods! And Alan had a lot of fun learning about all the differences of each tree. We also collected some cool leaves, pinecones, some bark, an acorn and a handful of "swords" [sticks] to take home with us. Then we went home for a delicious dinner of meatloaf, chicken flavored rice, green beans and french bread. Yum! A successful Arbor Day, if I do say so myself! :D

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