Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Eighth Birthday Uncle Kalvin

Today is Uncle Kalvin's eighth birthday.

I love my baby brother so much! He has grown up to be quite the young man too. He is a skilled reader now (I love it when he reads to me) and is pretty good at math. But his real passion is dirt bikes, just like our father. Uncle Kalvin can now ride a dirt bike and a four-wheeler all by himself! He is pretty good at keeping up with everyone on the trails too. He is also really into football and baseball, and is your average little boy.

Uncle Kalvin riding his dirt bike
Even though they are only five years apart, I think Uncle Kalvin is a great uncle and a very good role model for Alan. I love to watch them interact and play together, Kalvin is extremely protective of his nephew. :) I think that Alan really admires his uncle, as I will see him copy Uncle Kalvin pretty much all the time. Kalvin doesn't usually get too annoyed by it either lol, which is a good thing. And now that Alan got his hair cut short, they look like little twins together instead of an uncle and a nephew lol! Too cute!

For his birthday this year, we are going to the Reef to go swimming. Alan and I are pretty excited, the last time I went to the Reef was when I was pregnant with Alan lol! I hope that Uncle Kalvin has a wonderful birthday and a ton of fun at his birthday party. We love you so much man!!

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