Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Question Friday!! May 4, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! I am in a bit of a better mood today, just trying to stay positive and keep my belly full all day long lol. I am excited too because my beloved sister Natalie comes home from college today for her birthday this weekend! Yay, can't wait to see her! Since her birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, its tradition in my family to go out to dinner at Dos Machos and have her wear their birthday sombero. I will get pictures and post them lol! Tomorrow is Uncle Kalvin's birthday party at the Reef. Should be fun for Alan and I. Hope everyone else has a fun planned weekend!

Here is this week's Five Question Friday!

What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.
After searching Facebook like mad for a picture of me at senior prom, I have been unlucky lol. But our prom was 007 themed because of our graduation year (2007) so I wore a slinky light blue dress with silver heels that laced up to the knee. We rented a mustang for the trip too.

My prom sucked though lol. The boy I went with was interested in one thing and well, I had brought my sister along, who was a freshman at the time, so I was not at all. To say the least lol. Oh well, the pictures turned out well.

Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge?
No I wouldn't lol. I don't think I need to lose a massive amount of weight (or any right now lol) so those shows would be pointless for me. I don't even watch those shows actually.

Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? (Hey, Kristina...was that a typo, or some "done good" Southern thing?)
Lol, love this! I have only ever been to Sonic once but I ordered the Strawberry Fruit Slushie and it was sooooo yummy! Next time though, I will probably order their chocolate milkshake or one of their smoothies.

What was your first car, and what did you call it?
It was a 1995 Dodge Caravan. My sisters and I named him Todd lol. He finally broke down when I was six months pregnant with Alan. We had a good run. :)

What's one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge?
When Lon forgets to turn down the heat or turn off any lights and leaves the house, I tend to flip a lid lol. I am a bit of a environmentalist and I hate to use energy when its not necessary. Especially with how expensive the gas and electric prices are these days! And we live in a 100+ year old house so heating it takes quite a bit!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We will for sure! :D

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