Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catfish: Keeping You Agile in Life

At the turn of the century, cod fish was really popular in China. The only problem was, cod fish primarily came from Alaska and when shipped to China, the cod fish would become lazy and "mushy" from the long trip. Merchants finally discovered that if the cod fish's natural enemy, the catfish, was put in the vats with the fish, the cod fish would stay agile over the long trip. This is the reason why Nev believes that some people are put on this earth. To keep us agile, like the cod fish. They are known as catfish.

Have you seen this movie or television series?

Oh my goodness, I may be obsessed with it! I finally decided to watch the television series one night only because I was able to find anything else to watch after Teen Mom 2. Then I watched the movie because I was darn interested in the host's experience with online dating. But yes, go ahead and laugh at me for that last one, I watch Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. I am into that whole fad lol. :) But this is not about Teen Mom, this is about the awesome movement that Catfish has started without even realizing it. Here is the trailer:

Basically, this guy named Nev falls in love with Megan on Facebook. They exchange many personal messages, emails and texts. Megan has this little sister named Abby, who is a child prodigy painter. Megan is also talented and sends Nev many MP3s of her music. After some research, Nev discovers that all of Megan's music is from other people. He feels betrayed but continues to research further. Nev has his brother and his friend eventually travel with him to meet Megan. They film the whole thing for a documentary. Upon arriving at Megan's house, everything seems off to Nev when Megan is not living where she says she did and instead her mother, Angela, acts as host. She tells Nev that she has uterine cancer and will be starting chemotherapy next week. She then takes Nev to meet Abby, who is at a friend's house.

Nev asks Abby about her art several times during the visit, yet she seems confused and distant about it. Not the way an artist would act. By this point, all three men are suspicious that Angela is making everything up but they still meet the girls for dinner. The whole time, Megan is texting Nev and telling him that she will meet him soon. Nev goes home for the night, shortly afterwards receiving slightly tragic slightly interesting news from Megan. She texts him, telling him that she is an alcoholic and is checking into rehab. They will not get to meet. Nev then receives a message from one of their mutual friends saying a similar thing about rehab. At this point, Nev is ready for Angela to come clean.

The next morning, he confronts her and she breaks down, telling him everything. He has never met Megan, she has always been in rehab. Abby is not a child prodigy artist, Angela paints those paintings.  Megan's pictures are stolen from a family friend. Angela has made up FIFTEEN people on Facebook, all of which are friends with Nev. You can see the relief on Nev's face, as well as the pain. I believe he was very much in love with the idea of Megan. It hurt him to find out the truth, even though he knew it had to be done. They spend more time together, Angela commissions a drawing of Nev while she explains more. She claims the personas were all lost fragments of her, never given a chance to flourish because of specific choices that she made. Personally, I think she is selfish. After that, Nev heads home to pick up the pieces of his life. Little did he know that his documentary would become so famous.

Nev has now met so many people in a similar situation to him, so he created Catfish: the Television Series. He helps other people meet their significant others, for better or worse. I'm not sure which I like more, the tv show or the movie. But this man is doing great things. He is helping people find their loved ones, or at least helping them find the strength to admit who they are. He does not judge the ones who lie, he still helps them. What a wonderful guy.

I encourage you to check out this show. Its Monday nights on MTV.

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