Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Baby Girl's Name

Ever since we found out we are having a little girl, my wonderful husband Lon has been on a endless task to find her the perfect name. If you do not know the story of where Alan's name came from, let me tell you. When I was pregnant with him, I wanted his name to be Wayne Steven Michael Andersen. He was to be named after three members of the Flaming Lips. Lon was a nice guy back then (not that he isn't now lol), and didn't want to hurt my feelings about how much he hated the name Wayne, so he waited to tell me until after we had had our little man. He had no ideas of his own for a name at the time though. So for the first two days of life Alan was only known as Anders. And we set out finding the perfect name for him. Alan was named Alan Mikael Andersen on his third day of life, and we can't see him being named anything else. Alan means "fair, handsome" and Mikael means "Gift from God." The perfect name for our little boy. :)

Our new family, September 2009

So back to this baby. We had almost instantly picked out a boy's name when I found out I was pregnant. Lon was just convinced I was having another boy, and he had to think of an equally strong name for his second son. We chose the name Atlas Andrew Andersen. Atlas means "to endure with strength" and is after the Greek titan who was forced to support the heavens. Andrew means "Man, warrior" and is after Lon's middle name. I thought it was the perfect strong name to accompany Alan. Alan and Atlas. Atlas and Alan.

But then we got the news that we were having a girl, and everything changed. Lon was surprisingly very pleased and excited, and he set out to find a name for her. Well we found it.

The perfect name for our beautiful girl.

Its meaning is perfect and she will be named after two of her beloved aunts and her grandmother. I chose the first name and Lon picked the middle, but combined the name is just right for our baby girl! Her name will be:

Anna Ariel Andersen

Anna means "grace, favor" and is an interpretation of her Aunt Natalie and surprisingly her grandmother Amber's middle name Ann. The reason we chose this was because Alan and she will be exactly two years and ten months apart from each other, the same distance Natalie and I are. :)

Ariel means "Lion of God" which is similar to Alan's middle name meaning. That's another reason we chose this name. She will be named after her Aunt Ariel, Lon's littlest sister. The reason for this was because Ariel and Anna might end up sharing a birthday together, if Anna is early. Aunt Ariel's birthday is July 13, and my due date is July 17. So she would only have to be four days early to be born on her aunt's birthday.

Her initials are also significant. The triple A initials is a female tradition in the Andersen family. There is my mother-in-law, Amber Ann Andersen, and then of course Aunt Ariel, Ariel Amber Andersen. Lon was very intent on keeping this naming tradition, and we have succeeded.

We think that its the perfect name for her. I just love how Alan and Anna sound together. I am at the point now where I am just so ready for her to be here and for us to start our new life as a family of four together. I just want it to be July now lol! Summer hurry up!

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