Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day 2012

Hope everyone had a fantastic Saint Patrick's Day, I know my family did! :) Early Saint Patrick's morning wasn't too good to me, I couldn't sleep after four and was up sick every hour after six in the morning! But I took my vitamins and was okay in time for the parade.

Alan was beyond excited for the parade. We picked up Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin to go with us, and met Kelsie, her friend Desiree and Kelton met up with us. We ended up finding a spot right on the bend of the parade, which was nice because we could see ahead of the parade and prepare for what was coming. Alan couldn't wait for it to start!

Waiting for the parade

The parade started out as it always does this holiday, with the presentation of our flags and the bagpipe band. Alan thought the bagpipes were weird, probably because he couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from and he was confused about their kilts. But he clapped and waved at them regardless. Then came some cool hot rod cars and the girl scout and brownie groups. After came the martial arts group (Alan  thought they were ninjas lol) and the Irish dancers. The police force brought down their different cars and trucks. Alan and Uncle Kalvin's favorite was this SWAT team truck.

Then the retired and rescued greyhounds came by, followed by the party MET bus. That music was way LOUD!!! Made everyone plug their ears lol. I feel bad for the lady who walked with it, she must have been deaf for the rest of the day! The Zoo Montana float came by us next, and after was the Lockwood Middle School marching band. I used to have friends who played in that lol, what a way to bring back memories! :) The motorcycle club gave us necklaces and candy when they came by, and Alan wouldn't wear them. He kept spinning around the necklace to the beat of the music, until he almost lost it lol. Then I took it away from him to wear myself.

The whole parade crew, watching the motorcycles

After the motorcycle club came the Shriners with all of their cool stuff. We saw their black horses (soooooo pretty, every one looked like Black Beauty) and their silly clowns. My favorite clown was the leprechaun clown who was chasing his pot of gold lol! Following the clowns was the pulled pipe organ, one of my favorite floats! I think pipe organs always sound so cool! The Shrine train that we always ride at the fair tagged along behind the organ, making Alan want to ride it!

Alan's favorite float, the Bert and Ernie float, came after all the Shrine stuff. Alan danced with Bert and Ernie, shouting and waving at them with Uncle Kalvin. There was a pink crayon lady too, Alan thought she was pretty cool.

Then came the Animal Rescue Shelter with all their puppies. And Alan saw a puppy that dyed green! He was so cute! There was also a puppy in a green t-shirt and a wolfhound dog! So cool, wish we could adopt a puppy from the Rescue Shelter. We will have to wait until Alan and Anna are older though. I don't wanna wait though lol! :P

Once we were finished with the parade, we took Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin home and went home ourselves to eat some lunch. We had grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato macaroni and cheese for lunch. After lunch, I attempted to get Alan to nap but he refused to, so we made Daddy take one so we could make our leprechaun trail. Alan was excited to get this underway, but we had some planning to do lol. :P First, we decided our leprechaun village would exist at the end of Alan's play area, and that we would lead the trail from Daddy to the living room, complete with signs. Second, we gathered all the green stuff from our house for the village.

Gathered all the green stuff!

Third, we set out to make our leprechaun village. We used DVD cases and books and Lincoln logs and some other blocks we found. We used Alan's gold necklace he got from the parade for the leprechaun's gold, and hid it deep in the center house. We set out all of the alligators, dragons, lizards and turtles out front to protect the houses. And we put out the cobblestones to the front house.

Fourth, we took a bunch of my green scrap paper and ripped it into shreds for the actual trail.

I ripped it partially to make it a little easier on him

Fifth, we set about making the signs. We made two signs, one on the way to the village that said "Leprechauns this way" with arrows. And the other said "Leprechaun Village, created by the Andersen leprechauns" and was decorated with little shamrocks and leprechauns.

Sixth and lastly, we sprinkled the paper along the trail and set up the signs for Daddy to see. Alan was a good sprinkler but was confused why we were messing up his floor. Such a good boy, trying to keep clean! I had to explain it to him several times lol. :)

Then our trail was all ready, so we woke up Daddy to show him what the leprechauns had done! :) Here are some pics from him viewing our creation. He loved it so much!

Not only was it Saint Patrick's Day, but it was also the two year anniversary of the day we were married under common law. So Lon took me out to dinner at Red Robin, one of my MAJOR pregnancy cravings lately lol. I love him! My mother offered to watch Alan for us, so we could enjoy our time alone together. I was so excited to go out with my husband, I went all out and dressed up in one of my favorite dresses. :) Lon sure didn't complain lol! Overall, we had a wonderful time!

All dressed up (or at least I am lol) and ready for our date!

Its been a long two years of (common law) marriage baby and I can't wait until next month when we celebrate our year anniversary of our wedding. I love you to the moon and back, you and our children are my everything. I love you Lon, happy anniversary.

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