Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Traveling Red Dress: Changing Photographers

As you all know, I found my red dress last month and was just waiting to set up a photo session with the wonderful Jeff Bryson. Well we also decided last month that we were going to "upgrade" to a bigger apartment asap.

Because of the recent "upgrade" decision, at risk of feeling guilty, I now plan on going with an amateur photographer versus a professional photographer like Jeff. Being the Buddhist and unmaterialistic mother that I am, I simply cannot allow myself to spend anymore money on this journey for myself. This journey is about finding my inner beauty, not about spending money. So I asked my sister Natalie to photograph me.

I want to say this real quick before I continue, this has nothing to do with Jeff. I really wish that I could have him photograph me, as he is one of the best photographers that I know. He does amazing work and I cannot wait to do a session with him again, sometime soon hopefully. I see maybe a family maternity photo shoot in the summer???? :)

If you haven't yet, please go to Jeff's website to check out his portfolio. I just love his work, its all so personalized and unique!

Now back to my sister, I chose her for a couple of reasons. First because she's my sister and I think that its important for me to share something special like this journey with her. I hope that some day she has a red dress moment and involves me in it as well. :) I love her. Second because she is a talented amateur photographer herself, and I enjoy a lot of the serious more professional looking pictures she takes lol.

Here are some examples of her work:

She did our family pictures for our Christmas cards this year.

She's in this photo, but she planned it out and set it up herself. Love this pic so much!

She took this one of April and Kalvin years ago, but its still in my favorites.

Third because I know we will just have a blast together and take some wonderful photos of me. Natalie and I are just under three years apart, so we have spent most of our life together. We are so comfortable with each other and she is more like a best friend than a sister. I'm so excited! :D

We are still planning on doing the photos on the Rims and have planned for sometime over the weekend of April's birthday (April 5-8). I am just getting all the final touches done with my outfit, and then I am ready! Next time you see a Traveling Red Dress post, it should contain pictures! :D

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