Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adventures of a Daycare Teacher, Haircuts, and Midwife Appointment Update

Another post that totally qualifies as rambling lol... 

Oh the joys of being a daycare teacher. I have worked at the Child Watch daycare center in the YMCA for a year and a half now and the crazy things I have seen/said/done are worthy of going their own book lol. All I have to say is: kids are an adventure, whether they are yours or you are just in care of them. For example:

Yesterday at work, we were all playing outside. The combination of the wind and the excited yells of the kids, it was kinda hard to hear out there. This little boy asked me a question from a distance where I misheard him. He also said the same thing several times, really fast. I thought he said, "Teacher, may I be here?" so I said yes. But in reality, he had asked me if he could pee there. He instantly went to the window and started pulling down his pants. Lol I shouted and ran because there was a considerable parent line at the desk and they were about to get a peep show.

Thankfully, I caught him and told him I would take him to the bathroom. Then I quickly escorted him to the bathroom, where I had to assure him several times the toilets wouldn't flush on their own and then had to stand in the doorway of the bathroom so he wouldn't be scared lol. Afterwards, I flushed the toilet for him. Ah the joy of kids. :) I also had to handle another little boy's bleeding head yesterday. Before you go freaking out, it was a cut smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. But anyone with rowdy boys probably knows this, even the smallest cut on the head bleeds like your skulls cracked lol. So the poor boy thought he was dying and every time I calmed him down, another teacher would come over and see all the blood and freak him out some more lol. Ugh! The little boy was of course fine and his head stopped bleeding after about five minutes. But still, craziness at the daycare lol.

About a week ago, Alan came up to me and told me that I needed to get my hair cut. When I asked him why, he said "Cos your hair is too long Mommy, it gets in my eyes!"

Lol, not really sure how that works but it did get me thinking. Its been a little under a year since I have gotten my hair cut. My hair is is done to the middle of my back now and is becoming somewhat difficult to manage being a pregnant mama with a toddler. I feel like I never do anything with it except comb it after it drys from the shower and then throw it up in a ponytail or bun. I think if its a little shorter, like maybe just below my shoulders, it will be much easier to manage. And maybe it will be easier to look cute. Who knows lol?

So I called up my old bestie Sarah, who cuts hair in her spare time, and scheduled a at home haircut session  for next Sunday. I will be sure to actually post pictures of the finished result this time, but I need some ideas. Hmmm...

Maybe something simple like this...

Yesterday, I also had my third midwife appointment. Everything looked great so the appointment was short and sweet. According to the nurse's weight record, I have only gained nine pounds this pregnancy. But my blood pressure had returned to the normal rate it should be at. My midwife came in and measured my belly, I was right at 23 weeks. She then pulled out the heart monitor to listen to Anna's heart. She found it right away and it was strong. But then Miss Anna must have gotten annoyed with the monitoring, because she started kicking the monitor. She then rolled away before my midwife could get her heart rate. My midwife however, quickly relocated Anna and her heartbeat, which was a healthy 140 beats a minute. Right where it should be for a 23 week old. :) Then we discussed the dreaded glucose test.

For those of you who haven't been pregnant before, the glucose test is an awful test that doctors torture pregnant women with to see if they have gestational diabetes. Lol it is necessary for mama and baby's health and I acknowledge that, but it doesn't mean that it isn't the worst thing someone could do to me pregnant. They suggest you eat breakfast before the appointment so you aren't woozy, but I don't see how this does anything lol. I still get woozy even if I eat. :P Then at your appointment, they make you drink the glucose liquid, which is like drinking only the syrup part of the Sunkist pop. Only it doesn't taste as good. You are supposed to wait for an hour, without consuming anything but water and after that hour, they draw your blood. I think its tests your blood sugar levels, but I'm not a hundred percent. All I know is that it is one of the least fun parts of pregnancy.

Well, my glucose test is scheduled for the morning of April 18. Ugh an actual date, and its less than a month away. *Dread, dread, dread* I am so not wanting to do this, that I asked Lon to come with me and drive me home afterwards. This sounds like overkill, but we all remember how the last time I got blood drawn went, and there was no glucose drink lol! Unfortunately though, Lon isn't sure he can get it off of work so I might have to ask a friend to drive me. We'll see!

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