Monday, December 22, 2014

Preparing for Christmas

Happy holidays from the Andersen family! I hope that your Christmas season is going well so far! The kids and I are ready excited for Christmas! I say excited, because I am totally NOT ready this year lol! With the Nutcracker finishing up just last Friday, I have only had a few days to really prepare for Christmas. I still haven't wrapped anything or sent out the Christmas cards. Who am I kidding? I haven't even written the Christmas cards yet. However, we did decorate sugar cookies the other night. And Alan had his last class of the year today, which happened to be his Christmas party. ;)

There were a ton of festivities at Alan's Preschool Christmas party. Santa came for a visit and delivered his stocking gifts to all of the students. Alan was so excited to see him, he told Santa that they were best friends. He is so sweet!

After visiting with Santa, we went caroling around the Y. 

We went caroling at Child Watch, then to the Administration Office, and finally at the Front Desk. Anna followed along, moving her hands along with the other students and singing her own version of the Christmas songs. I was quite proud of Mister Alan too. He doesn't usually sing songs in class, but he was singing along and making the motions with his hands too. He even stood right in front! I couldn't believe it! Great job Alan! You and your classmates sure spread a ton of Christmas cheer at the Y!

We had Christmas treats after caroling. Every kid received some carrots, cheese, broccoli… and TWO different types of cupcakes! Alan had to eat both of them, he was a wired little man after that! Then the kids played a few different Christmas games, including one where they dance in a circle. Anna joined in for that game and she actually picked Alan to be her dancing partner! It was so sweet, it warmed my heart. :)

We decorated sugar cookies for Santa tonight. It is seriously the ONLY thing I have done to prepare for Santa and Christmas. I am so behind! We bought the sugar cookies at the store (I usually bake them, fail!) and we just kind of threw them all together. Blah! Alan and Anna had a great time decorating them and of course enjoying all of the goodies. We had frosting as well as gumdrops, candy canes, M&Ms, chocolate chips and marshmallows to go on top. Yummy!

What else do you need to do for Christmas? Are you as unprepared as yours truly? I doubt it!!! ;)

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