Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Adventures

Please forgive me if some of this rambles or I repeat myself. I am exhausted and ready for bed. But first, I promised a post. :) So bear with me lol...

At the early hours of 4 am, my sisters, Natalie's friend Jessica and I were waiting outside of Target, freezing to death in the long line. Thankfully we had gotten there previously, as the line continued on behind us all the way around the back of the building! We made it inside by 4:10 and instantly set off to find the best sales. I am displeased to say, that Target didn't have a lot that I was looking for this year. I ended up only getting a Grover stuffed animal and a small ornament. :P

We went to Toys R Us next. I found Lon a lego set and Alan his Elmo trainer potty. Then we went for a coffee break at City Brew. Or maybe that was before Toys R Us lol. Hmmm... I don't remember lol, but I got an actual coffee today! That's how tired I was already feeling! :P

Then we went to Walmart and I got Alan his Elmo potty DVD, Lon his Rhino Transformer (Ahem, Beast Wars repaint lol), Uncle Kalvin his towtruck, Aunt Ariel her Crayola craft projects, and a few more ornaments.

After we went to Kmart and I looked for more Transformers or Stars Wars guys. Found some cool Star Wars action figures for Lon, and got Alan a Tonka truck set too. I think I might have gotten another thing or two, but my brain isn't working and I just put it all away. Oops lol! :) Oh well, you got the point, we did pretty darn well for Christmas shopping! Yeah! Its only November and I only have like... two more people to shop for! Whoo! Blam! :P

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