Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much to be thankful for...

I have a wonderful family that was just created two years ago (when Alan was concieved) and there was once a time where I thought this family would never have been.

My husband and I have been married by common law now for eight months, and what a great eight months its been.

I'm endlessly blessed and thankful for my beautiful, smart and amazing son who was born just fourteen and a half months ago. Alan Miakel, we love you so!

We are blessed to have such a wonderful apartment to live in. It may be old and a little small for this family, but after living here for almost half a year now we are grateful to have it.

I am thankful that Lon has a good paying job as a supervisor at the Village Inn and that I also have a good paying job that I love as an art teacher and Child Watch worker at the YMCA. Lon's been at his job now for almost eight years and I've been with the Y for almost three months now.

I am thankful that Lon and I both have supportive families. Both of our families are willing to help us watch Alan, help with finances, or simply be just there to hang out with.

Today I am missing my Townsend family tons. :\ Its tradition with my parents to go up to Townsend to visit all of my mom's family for Thanksgiving because it always falls around Alan's Great Aunt Beth and Great Uncle Greg's birthdays. We go up usually Thursday to Sunday. But not this year. Because of finances, we weren't able to make it up to Townsend. My parents, brother and sisters didn't go up either though, simply because my mother didn't want to travel over her vacation this year. My heart still longs for Townsend, and I am dearly missing the Welch families, the Clarkson family and the Henry family this Thanksgiving! Love you all and hope your Thanksgiving (and Black Friday lol) are wonderful! :D

We had a good Thanksgiving with both of our families. We went to the in law's house first because Grandma Amber was having an early dinner at two. It was wonderful to see almost everyone there- Grandma Amber, Grandpa Steve, Aunt Ariel, Aunt Sam, Uncle Cameron, Uncle Chase and Uncle Tyler. Amber served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, stufffing, yams, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberries and pumpkin pie for dinner. Alan's favorite was the green bean casserole and of course the pumpkin pie. He is his mother's son lol, because my favorites were the same things! :D But he enjoyed some turkey and practiced feeding himself the mashed potatoes, which resulted in them going EVERYWHERE. :) He was successful with eating the pumpkin pie with a spoon at least. Good job messy boy!

We went to my parent's around five for appetisers and then a later dinner. My mother made turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, some sort of noodle salad, and pumpkin pie or pumpkin rolls for dessert. I couldn't eat but a little bit for dinner, after having been so stuffed from lunch lol! But I had a small plate, Alan however chowed another two plates for dinner and then two slices of homemade pumpkin pie! My boy is such a little linebacker lmao! <3 Aunt April, Aunt Natalie, and Uncle Kalvin as well as some other family members and both sets of great grandparents in town. Everyone was so happy to see Alan and how much he had grown, and he showed off all his toys and skills to them. He was still shy around Great Grandma Carol, but we're working on that lol. :)

We just got home, and I am totally ready for bed. Waking up at three am tomorrow for Black Friday in Billings (first time doing it here!) with Natalie, April and Mary. Whoo this should be interesting! :) Will post tomorrow with an update of how I fared there lol. Good night everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

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