Friday, December 24, 2010

The Night Before Christmas...

And all through the Village Inn, there was a ton of commotion because the Andersen family was having there traditional Christmas Eve dinner! Lol, I tried to make it sound like the book... Keyword being Tried. :P

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! :D  Now I know it seems odd that I celebrate Christmas, being a Buddhist and my husband having his own scientific theories of creation lol. But let me clarify, my family only celebrates Christmas for the family get together and Santa Claus apsets. Afterall the rest of my family are Christian and Lutheran, and get together every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Why wouldn't we participate in that??? :) We respect all religions and thus we celebrate Christmas and Easter in the more story, more commercial aspect. My son loves celebrating things and seeing his family, so we want to give him what we had as children.

As you can guess, we went to the Village Inn for dinner tonight. As tradition with my family, we spend Christmas Eve with the Andersen family and Christmas Day with the Kimmel family. We visit the opposite family on each day too, but only for an hour or so. So tonight for dinner, we went with the traditional pizza lol. :P Let me clarify, traditional for the Andersens not traditional for most people. Grandma Amber and Grandpa Steve were there, as well as Aunt Ariel, Uncle Chase, Uncle Cameron, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Nikki. Alan loved having the whole restaurant to run around in, and he loved listening to the echoes he could make (which resulted in him yelling really loud lol). Aunt Ariel chased him around while the men of the family made the pizzas.

Pizza wise we had taco pizza, half pepperoni half pepperoni mushroom pizza, hawaiin pizza, sausage mushroom pizza and a small cheese pizza. We had to cut his into little pieces, but Alan loved his cheese and hawaiin pizzas! We all had a great time talking with each other and enjoying beer and pizza. :)

We stopped by my parent's for a bit afterward. There was alot of people over there and it was late which meant Alan was tired, so we only stayed for a half an hour. Alan had a good time opening his Christmas gifts from his realatives and loved it when Grandma Melanie allowed him to open his big present from them- a Weeble Wobble Treehouse! He demanded it be opened immeadiately and played with Uncle Kalvin for the rest of the time we were there! The whole Christmas Eve was a wonderful night for everyone, and Alan was exhausted at the end of all our activities! Yes! And because I'm awesome I have already wrapped all our gifts! So merry Christmas and to all a goodnight! Yeah! :D

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