Sunday, December 26, 2010

We got our White Christmas!

Christmas was wonderful. I would have posted last night, but after everything we had done yesterday, I got home and laid down and passed out lol. At least I got farther than Alan, he fell asleep on the ride home from Great Aunt Carolyn's house! :P We were so busy all day and it exhausted us! :) But there was snow on the ground and we had a blessed day with our families, I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!

We woke up just in time to watch the Disney Christmas Parade on tv. Alan really had fun dancing and singing and clapping with all of his favorite Disney characters and he always would get excited whenever he saw Mickey Mouse lol. :) We opened our Christmas presents from each other, and I was pleased to see that Lon did not get me a Shake Weight lol. I do not like those, and wasn't happy when he told me that he "might have bought" one for me. Jerk! :D He instead got me a Yoda alarm clock and a Fushigui ball. He also enjoyed all the toys Alan and I had gotten for him. Then we helped Alan unwrap his, which he had a blast doing. He would grab a bit and run away from us and the present, ripping a big piece of as he ran. :)

After unwrapping our gifts, having breakfast and playing with his new toys a little, we went over to Grandma Amber's for Christmas lunch. Everyone was there again, and we ate lunch then opened presents. Alan got a stuffed Broby from Yo Gabba Gabba, a sock monkey, a Duplo garbage truck toy, and Toy Story Buzz lightyear Potato Head Man from Grandma Amber and Grandpa Steve. Great Grandma Audrey and Great Grandpa Stan got him a Matchbox garage playset. Alan's uncles and aunt chipped in and got him a few books and a stuffed dinosaur. His favorite was the sock monkey, he ran around everywhere carrying that thing lol. :) We got our family photo together (Alan wasn't looking at the camera though lol) after like a hundred tries. And then it was time to head up to Great Aunt Carolyn's for their traditional Christmas dinner.

As soon as we got to Great Aunt Carolyn's house, Alan started chasing their little shitsu puppy around. He scared her so bad lol! We couldn't wait to see Alan's second cousin, Sophie, as she was six months old and we hadn't seen her in around five months. But their family was running late, so we went downstairs to play with Alan's other cousins Peyton and Avery, as well as Aunt April and Uncle Kalvin. They were playing the Wii on the big flat screen tv, and Alan absolutely loved to just sit there and watch them play. He would remark and point every now and then, but otherwise was just in awe of the huge entertainment lol. :) We then all had dinner (prime rib steak, mmmmm!) and Alan at almost all of his food! He didn't like the steak too much (it was too chewy for him lol) but he ate a couple bites of it, and chowed the rest of his plate. By that point, Baby Sophie and Mama Ashley were there. We went upstairs to play with them but got caught up with present time.

Alan got a few cute 24 month outfits from his Great Aunt Kim + Great Uncle Corey and his Great Grandma Carol + Great Grandpa Floyd, and then he got a cool helicopter toy as a Secret Santa gift from one of his cousins. We opened the helicopter gift and offered to have Sophie come over and play. They were so cute together! Alan had balls that went inside the helicopter and everytime I'd try to give Sophie one, he'd grab them from me lol. At least he was letting her play with the helicopter. Every so often though, he'd forget and try to pull it away from her. But then he'd quickly remind himself by saying quietly, "Oh baby..." Lol! He is so smart! :D

We all had a great time at both places and I got some wonderful shots on my fancy disposable camera lol. :) I won't be able to post any of them, but you can check out my FB page and see some cute photos! Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas, and to all my Canadian friends, Happy Boxing Day! :D Peace everyone.

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