Sunday, May 11, 2014

Anna Ariel: 22 Months Old

Miss Anna is only two months away from being two now and this past month she has grown up so much! She is now potty training, is off the binky during the daytime and is trying new things everyday! I honestly can believe that she is the age she is now, she acts like a darn two year old already! Happy 22 months Anna Ariel! We love you so much sweet girl! I don't know where we would be without you! Life definitely wouldn't be comlete without you brightening up our lives everyday! :)

At 22 months, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximitely 24 1/2 pounds and is roughly 35 inches tall. I will get more accurate measurements soon.

*is officially in 24M and 2T clothing. She is also now in size 4 diapers at NIGHT only and is in size 2T pullups for potty training during the day! :D She still wears size 6 for her shoes and I can't seem to get her to wear any other pairs of new shoes.

Anna on the swing, she's so brave now!

Anna at one of big brother's soccer games, trying to get in on the action!

*has auburn colored hair that is almost to her lower back now. There are only a few red streaks left in her hair now. And its so darn curly, just like her father and her big brother!

*has hazel eyes with blue around the edges. They are some crazy beautiful combination of our eyes. I love them!

*has eleven or twelve teeth right now, I am not 100% at the moment. I tried to count them and she about bit my finger off lol! All I have to say is thank goodness for teething necklaces!

Anna at Easter this year

Anna on our third wedding anniversary

*still eats like a darn bird but I have finally figured out the right vitamins for her to take. Hopefully it would help her put a little more weight on, or at least maintain what she has.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, spaghetti, string cheese, bananas, chicken, rice, broccoli, oranges, carrots, lasanga and cheesecake. She will eat only small amounts of anything we give her though, whether or not its a favorite of hers.

*has had so many big milestones happen this month! She started potty training this past week, she still is figuring out the general concept of it but we are just in the beginning stages. The important thing is that she is excited everytime I ask her if she wants to go potty. She will progress and eventually be in undies like big brother! She will also have officially been in daycare for a year this upcoming month. Its crazy to think that she is getting so old now!

She is off the binky in the day time now and only takes it during nap time and bed time. She still asks for it and will get upset when I don't give it to her sometimes, but she is getting much better! I am so proud of her! Now that she is done with gymnastics for the year, I can start planning for next year. I think I will put her in a dance class at Diversity since she will be old enough. She loves watching Aunt April dance and always wants to be onstage with her and the other dancers!

Anna wearing her Easter basket

*has a pretty normal sleep schedule now. She has been going to bed early lately, since she has been getting up around 7 or 8 every morning. She takes an hour nap in the afternoon and sometimes another nap in the evening, if she has had a big day.

*has an awesome vocabulary now! It develops more every day, she probably knows almost 100 words now! She is so stinking smart!

*is no longer afraid of doctors! Hallelujah! We have been to the doctor's office several times lately for various colds and viruses, she has done so well each time! She no longer fusses when the doctor checks her. I am so proud of her! The scar is just a pink triangle by her eye now, by the time she is a teenager it will be almost invisible!

Anna at Pioneer Park

Anna at Westwood Park

Miss Anna potty training at school

*likes dancing, Princess Sofia, drawing and coloring, going to daycare, riding her tricycle, playing with her big brother, Peg + Cat, dresses and skirts, all the colors in the rainbow, gymnastics, her friends, Minnie Mouse and her family.

Happy 22 months Anna! We cannot wait until you are two years old, you are such a joy in our lives! We cannot wait to watch you grow into a beautiful, smart young lady. We love you so much!

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