Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Potty Training, Take 2

Before we start "potty talking" I figured I would share this with you. I forgot to post it earlier lol! Oops! Anyways, it was Teacher Appreciation Week last week and well, Alan has two pretty amazing preschool teachers. :) I planned on getting them both maybe a card and some candy? But my best mom friend Kelsie texted me with her Teacher Appreciation plans. She invited me over to do some adorable chalk art with the boys! :) So cute, thanks Kelsie for the wonderful idea!

We played in their new backyard too, while Kelsie set up her new flower garden. It was so darn nice out and they have a HUGE backyard! Oh I cannot wait for homeownership! :D Anna chased the boys around some and did some exploring on her own. Her buddy, Karter, was napping for the day but she did get a chance to play with all of his toys lol! She loved playing in their watertable. I loved that it was nice enough out to let her!

The boys watching the garden's progress from above :)

Alan's chalk art photo for Teacher Appreciation Week, we later added "Thanks for Helping me Grow!" to the border

Both of his teachers just loved the gifts! It was a total success! Thanks again Kels, for the gift idea and for having us over! Love you mama! :)

So if you didn't read through all of Anna's 22 month stat post, (and I can't blame ya, its long as crud) Anna is now potty training. We started four months later than we did with Alan, only because he regressed several times during his potty training journey. We wanted to set Anna up to suceed, not be nervous and unsure. And its been going pretty well, I think! She has only just started, so everything is new to her. But she still is excited to try everytime, this is important to me and my main fuel to continue training her right now.

WARNING: Mom and Dad potty training talk ahead. In detail... Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!

Anna wearing only a pull up at daycare, how I ended up training her that first week lol

I started out only potty training her while I was at work. She would wear a pull-up and I would take her to the bathroom every half hour. After a few weeks of doing that, we moved the time down to every 20 minutes in hopes that we would catch her before she wet. She has only peed in the potty once so far and hasn't gone poop yet but we remain vigilant. We figure if we are consistent enough with her that soon she will start going in the potty more regularly and that will develop into her telling us when she needs to go! That's basically our game plan for right now, after we get our own place we will start training her constantly. With Alan, we started training him around 18 months and he regressed twice. We are hoping that we will not cross this same obstacle with Anna because we waited until she was almost two years old. Wish us luck!

Okay, so I know I said that it would be a lot of potty talk, but this post froze on me and I lost all of my steam, so to speak. So here are some cute kid photos, because I know that you would waaaaaaaaay rather look at those! 

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