Friday, October 18, 2013

We Love Fall!

My family just loves fall! Its our favorite season! The colors, the corn mazes, the weather, the pumpkin patches, Halloween, Thanksgiving, we just love it all! I must say this about every season lol, I guess we just like change in our surroundings. :) I love each season really, they all have wonderful aspects that I look forward to each year! I'm sure we will be saying the same thing about the winter season too. I think that maybe we are just Montanans and just really love Mother Nature lol. :) But we definitely are enjoying THIS season right now!

Yesterday, it was rainy and a little bit chilly outside. But the kids were very restless inside, we tried playing games and reading books, doing artwork together. No go! On a whim, we bundled up and went outside to play despite the weather! A little bit of rain never hurt no one lol! :) I need to start remembering to take advantage of certain things while we are staying here, like the big kid friendly backyard my parents have. Its a decent size and the kids love playing back there! Plus it will only have positive effects on everyone, including the kids! Its a Mama win-win situation right there! BOOM!

It did get a bit too cold for Miss Anna after a while, but Alan energy wasn't running anywhere near low. He has so much energy these days! I wish that I could harness some of it for myself, I have been so exhausted as of late. I put Anna in the stroller with a warm blanket and we went for a short walk with them. It was the perfect transition! We looked at all the colors of the leaves and talked about the puppies we heard barking, did some minor subtraction with leaves and talked about what Alan's Halloween costume would be (he originally wanted to be a Zombie Power Ranger Ninja, but I narrowed it down to Ninja with a Katana lol). It was a good walk. Miss Anna was pretty quiet the whole time, but she was looking at everything! Those little eyes are interested in everyone and everything at this point, they are constantly waiting to soak up knowledge. I love her intense curiosity and her love of learning!

Speaking of the little explorer, I tried so hard to get some good photos of her walking around in the backyard yesterday. The weather made for some pretty morning lighting but wouldn't ya know, its almost IMPOSSIBLE to take photos of a walking baby. Unless you have a fast shutter camera and a quick trigger finger lol. Which I had my cell phone and its sloooooooooooooow... but I still enjoy the pictures I took! We sure do have a beauty on our hands, I am in for so much trouble when she is older! What do you think of the photos?

She was a little apprehensive about walking on the grass and preferred to crawl on it instead lol

Today was much nicer weather out, we were out playing for maybe an hour or so this time around. The kids were so excited for the gorgeous blue skies and all the colors of the leaves. It was such a pretty day outside! Man I love Montana! Alan instantly pulled out my old tricycle to ride around. He was getting the hang of riding again, when Miss Anna started fussing for a ride of her own. Thankfully, I found her a toddler scooter for her to use! It took sometime for her to figure out how to push the thing around, she started standing up and walking with it at first. But as soon as she figured it out, she was happy as a clam! She rode that thing up and down the driveway for maybe 20 whole minutes, silly girl only wanted to chase after big brother and just had to have wheels of her own! She is such an independent little lady! I love it so much! Just like her mama, girl power!

Just like fall and the season's changing, both of my children have also changed so much lately. Alan has grown up into such a smart young boy since this move! Like I mentioned above, he can do minor subtraction with items right now. And he has learned how to ride the tricycle much better then he ever did at the old house. He refuses for me to EVEN be in the bathroom supervising while he uses the bathroom now! I have to stand outside the door and wait for him to call me in. He knows all of his colors and can write a few letters too. Plus that eagerness to learn exists inside him too. He is always asking questions, always wanting to know why. He loves to learn how to write, how to swim, how to dance and how to be a gymnast. When he is a little bit older, he wants to take Tai Chi. He is very determined to do this and watches the Tai Chi classes every night at the Y. Its so cool that he is already so invested in this, karate is a great discipline tool. Oh I love how much he wants to grow up! Alan Mikael, I love you so much smart boy!

Anna is also growing in leaps and bounds, in her own amazing ways. This little fireball wants to be just like her big brother, she watches everything he does and will try to copy it. Last night, Alan was brushing his teeth, Anna walked up with a toy of hers and tried to copy him brushing. She was very adamant about me brushing her teeth too after I finished with Alan's. This happens with everything else too. If he is eating, she has to eat. If he is playing swords, she will find something to be her sword. If he is going to Preschool, she has to follow him in and play for a few minutes. She wants to be just like him! She is totally her own person though. She has her own thoughts, emotions and opinions about everything and if you don't let her voice be heard, she will get quite upset. Miss Anna likes her things her way only. If she isn't ready to do something, she will plop her bottom to the ground and that little noggin will follow. Sometimes I wonder if her head is magnetic to the floor lol, the minute she is unhappy with the current situation, DOWN IT GOES! :) Oh she sure is a handful lol, but what a wonderful little handful she is! I love you Anna Ariel, you silly little girl!

Here are a few more photos of Anna on the toddler scooter. She was determined to follow her brother on his tricycle! I love my little gung-ho baby girl! GIRL POWER!

I may not post much until mid-week next week, because of the funeral on Monday. But I work all day tomorrow and Sunday we have another birthday party to go to. Plus Sunday Aunt Natalie and Benton will be heading to town with my parents and siblings! We are so excited to see them, despite the sad situation. I love to see my sister and my nephew though. Even Lon is excited! We love you Aunt Natalie and Benton!

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