Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Aaron and Other Happy Rainy Day Thoughts

Happy 24th birthday Uncle Aaron! 
Alan and Anna love you so much! We all miss you, buddy! Hope you and Aunt Nikki can come home soon. Have a fantastic birthday! We will try to give you a phone call later so the kids can sing to you and owe you two dinner next time you're back in town. :) Love you dude!

Uncle Aaron and Boba Fett
It has been raining all day, since pretty early actually, like 3 or 4 in the morning. I only know this of course because Alan woke all three of us up this morning, throwing up everywhere in the bed we share. It was definitely not fun. Definitely a long night. But I remember laying down on the family room's couch after cleaning everything up and getting both kids back to bed and hearing light pattering all over the house. It was raining. Its still raining out and the radio said it was supposed to start snowing here at noon. But I have yet to see anything but rain out. A perfect setting for a sick day for the kiddos.

This morning I subbed the Rock, Tumble, Roll class. Its the YMCA's beginning tumbling and creative movement class that is for ages 18 months to 5 years old. I taught a 2 year old class with two sweet kiddos! We "jumped on lily pads, raced the bears, climbed mountains, went fishing, took a dip in the deep pool, rolled down the hills, went camping and flew across the canyon" together lol! I totally love creative movement classes with little kids, you can make everything into an adventure! Lol, I might put Anna in that class in a few months, think that she would love it!

Speaking of classes, Alan and I had a great hip hop class last night! Three kids joined in one night! We are now at a total of nine students in my classes, 6 girls and 3 boys. We only need one more kid and we would be full! Wow! We started our popping session last night, the students are so excited to prepare for Thriller at the end of the month! I am too! I love Thriller every class session we do it! :) Alan also was able to wear his brand new hip hop dance shoes for the first time to class. He picked out a pair of gray mock Converse high-tops (definitely my kid lol) for his shoes and he loves them! He thought he was so cool in class, finally having dance shoes like the other kids! I think it totally improved his behavior and performance in class! He is even excited for his solo next week! He cannot decide on a song yet (once again like his mother, he keeps changing his mind) but he has been practicing pretty hard! I am going to try to film it so I can at least upload it to Facebook! I am so excited for him too!

Okay, I just have to share this photo. Aunt Natalie tagged me in it on Facebook and it just has me dying! Last Friday while I was at gymnastics training, the family Facetimed Aunt Natalie and Benton on Natalie's phone. She posted a photo of Anna and Benton's conversation on the phone, they were happy at this point but apparently Anna started fussing a while later and made Benton cry! Typical cousin conversations already lol! Oh boy, we will have fun with these two! 

We have been spending as much time with Lon as we physically can during the day. We will even go have lunch with him on the days that he is working. I have been making such an effort to still keep our family dynamic strong and I feel like it has been paying off. The kids love every moment they spend with Lon and never want to leave him lol! I know now that we will be okay, we will make it through. Its just another long, winding road we have to walk and we need to continue to stay strong and work together so that we can make it to the end. When I sleep, I dream of days when we are all together permanently again, living in the same house. At this point, I don't even care if its in another rental, as long as we are with an actual rental company. I will never rent from a single landlord again. But in reality, we do not know when we will be moving in together again. We have very little money, what little we have we are saving, but it will take some time before we can afford to move out. Until then, we are so grateful for both of our families for allowing us to stay with them and helping us meet up together for family time. You are all so amazing, you have no idea! We owe you more then you will ever know for helping our family stay whole. I love you Lon, Alan and Anna so very much. We are strong and we will make it!

Tomorrow is Lon's birthday. I honestly have no idea what to do for him, but I know that I desperately have to do something special for him with the kids. We have a present for him, shhhhhhhh don't tell him but we bought him the new Iron Man 3 movie. Since we haven't seen it since we saw it in theaters I thought that he would be excited. But I think we may make a trip to Geyser Park or the bowling alley for fun this weekend. Have our own little family birthday party for him! I just really want to make his day special! We love him so much lol.

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