Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Sad News... and Then a Birthday Party to Brighten Your Day!

I do apologize for being absent from the blog all week. On Monday, we lost someone in our family somewhat unexpectedly. I do not think I am ready to share who we lost with you all this week, but know that it was someone very close to us. It was on my side of the family but he was special to everyone, including Lon. We loved him so very much. He will be dearly missed. 

I feel bad for not posting almost all week, but I really needed to take some personal family time away. In Buddhism, death is not seen as something bad, its seen as more of a doorway. Thus, I am not upset for the death itself. I know that he was hurting a lot and am glad his is at peace now. He is not gone from our lives, just onto his next great journey. :) However, I was needed to support many of my mourning family members. I was actually put in charge of telling most of my siblings, something I was not necessarily prepared for. I had to do it though, I just thought of how I would feel if I was not told as soon as possible. Then it was easy for me to tell my siblings. Although I did not post, I did try to... several times in fact, just post something quick letting everyone know what was up. But I couldn't do it, it didn't feel right at that moment. But I feel like now was the time. Thank you all for understanding, it really is unfortunate losing someone close to you.

Now, for some much needed positive! 

Holy birthday parties this month! This is the second party we have gone to this past week and I still have two more this month! Okay well that's more like a party every week but still that's a party every weekend!! We had this party last Sunday at Chuck E Cheese's. I cannot say who it was for, they are in Foster Care and their name is protected by my friend's wonderful family, but we had a great time! Alan loved being able to see all of his buddies again (we haven't honestly done anything social since we lost our house) and just being at one of his favorite places. He loves the live show, the games and the sky tubes. Anna had a total ball there too! She could watch the live show for hours herself lol and is totally willing to just sit in the rides without tokens. I love my perfect cheap baby lol! :P We had a fantastic time at the party though, I know I always say this, but I just love spending time with my loved ones. Especially with the hard times we have been going through, spending quality time with those that love and care about you is very important. I am so glad that we were able to go!

My friend Chelsey with Anna
Alan playing Spider Stomp with his friend Colton

Yesterday was the National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. One in four women will miscarry or lose a child at some point in their lives. I am one of those women. To read my story, click here. I have made peace with my loss since it happened over six years ago but choose to remember her on days like yesterday and on her due date (birthday). Yesterday, I lit a candle in memory of sweet Rosalie June. Mama loves you baby doll, I cannot wait to meet you someday! Today is Baby Benton's third birth anniversary! I cannot believe my big guy is already three months old! He is doing great too! Has minor surgery tomorrow but he is such a trooper, we know that he will be just fine! Auntie Jillian, Uncle Lon, Alan and Anna love you so very much little man! We hope you have a great day! :) Like I mentioned above, we also have another birthday party this weekend at another local pizza place. Then Monday is the funeral, Aunt Natalie and Benton will hopefully be coming to town for it. I know the timing is unfortunate but I just cannot wait to hold my sweet nephew! It has been too long since I last saw him, I cannot wait to snuggle him! Love you little dude!

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