Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and BOO-tiful Halloween tonight!

This year for Halloween I am dressed up as a the Wicked Witch of the West, complete with AWESOME stockings! Lon is dressing up as a zombie, hopefully he won't scare the kids. Alan is dressing up as a Green Power Ranger. And Miss Anna will be Elmo. Although I did have a handful of people tell me that she should have gone as a boxer, I love this idea lol, it is embracing the bad situation and making the best of it. Darn, wish we had some baby sized boxing gloves lying around. :P I also heard that she should be a spotted puppy dog, with the spot right over her owie. And a zombie Elmo, which I did not like as much. She is just my beautiful Elmo baby though!

Last night was Alan's Thriller performance for Halloween. He did such a great job! I am one proud mama! I did take some photos and should have one of the dance moms text me the video, since I was too busy performing as well. I will post all of that on another post.

Some important things to remember this Halloween, it is for all the children, every single one of them. <3 I posted this earlier this month on my Facebook, and last year too. This year though, someone made it into a pretty picture! Yay!

Our plans for the Halloween festivities are pretty mellow this year, with all that happened on Monday, we want to take it easy on Miss Anna. Alan has his Preschool Halloween party which Anna and I also attended, we went to the YMCA Healthy Halloween, and then we plan on going trick or treating around with Grandpa Kevin, Uncle Kalvin and Lon. Anna will stay with Grandma Melanie and help her hand out candy. It should be lots of fun for everyone! Definitely what my family needs after all this stress and bad luck. Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe out there tonight! And stay warm, if you are a Montanan at least lol. Its supposed to be CHILLY out tonight! Brrrrr!

Alan in his Green Power Ranger costume with his preschool class!

Tune in tomorrow for my pumpkin patch post. Wow, say that three times fast lol! We had such a great time with Aunt Ariel and Daddy! So glad they could come with us!

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