Friday, October 15, 2010

Today we remember...

Today is Worldwide Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Day. Please take the time to remember and support all who is affected by pregnancy/infant loss, as they often do not get a lot of support. Losing a child or even a pregnancy is one of the worst things that a woman could go through, yet the majority of women have gone through it in some way and don't receive any comfort. We must give them support and hope so that they can one day overcome their sadness and make peace with their loss.

I remember you today my beloved Rosalie June, though I doubt I will ever forget you. I think about you everyday and wish you were here with Lon, Alan and I. I miss you so badly and love you with all of my heart. Lon and Alan love you endlessly also, even though they've never met you. Rest peacefully, my beautiful girl. <3

I also remember baby Ewan Eliezer, who earned his Angel Wings October 4th (my husband's birthday, that's so much sadder!) as a result of CHD.  I have never met you or your wonderful parents personally, but your story has touched my heart, as well as many others. You blessed this earth for three weeks, we are so very lucky for that. You were such a handsome little baby boy, and your parents loved you so. Rest in peace little one. <3

I, too, remember baby Cora Mae, another CHD infant who passed December 6th, 2009. Unfortunately, your CHD was undiagnosed until after your passing so you left this earth very tragicly. Even just remembering your story brings tears to my eyes. How you were taken from your parents so unfairly. I know they loved you endlessly, I still hear about it on her blog. You were a beautiful angel that we all still miss, though I never met you. Rest peacefully sweet girl. <3

My heart goes out to all those who also have been affected by Pregnancy/Infant Loss. Please remember, you are not alone. <3

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