Sunday, October 17, 2010

New things I've learned about my son

We've all heard the saying, "You learn something new everyday." Well I am starting to believe that this is especially true with my son Alan. It seems like every single day I learn anywhere from ten to a thousand new things about him! How can this be so, you ask? You're his mother, shouldn't you already know everything about him? Of course not! Really lol? Alan is of course a growing toddler, so his personality, body and even mind status is changing daily. So of course I'm finding out new things about him, from what he likes and dislikes to how he responds to different things.

As some of you may know, Sunday is a very important day of the week for my family, not because we go to church (which we don't, I am a practicing Buddhist that doesn't like organized religion and my husband is an atheist) but because Sunday has officially become our family day. Both of our jobs are closed on Sundays, so we make a point to do only family activities on Sunday. Today was a good family Sunday and was quite productive. The three of us cuddled in bed together for three hours, played in Alan's play pen for another hour, went to lunch at the Staggering Ox, went shoe shopping for Alan at Target, and went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Andersen. And today, I learned these new things about my son Alan:

*Alan loves standing on our soft comfy bed and flopping onto his back.
Lol, we discovered this when Alan kept standing up and grunting at us until we pushed him over onto his back. We probably did it fifty times this morning with him. Silly boy!

*Alan really gets upset when mom or dad gets hurt or scared.
We are planning on expanding Alan's playarea to the rest of the house, including the kitchen. Because of this, we were trying to teach him that fire and ovens are hot and can burn you, so Lon pretended to get "hurt and burnt" by his lighter flame. This sent Alan into a fit of screams and sobs. Poor guy, we were only trying to teach you something! :(

*Alan loves to drive cars (and other things like tv remotes lol) but he still can't get the people walking thing down. And it frustrates him!
We were all driving Alan's toy cars around in Alan's play area, and Alan found his toy Jesse (from Toy Story). He started "driving" her around, but her feet kept getting stuck in the carpet. I showed him how to pretend walk her and he tried again and failed. He got so upset, he threw her down and wouldn't play with her anymore lol.

*Alan absolutely, Does NOT like potatoes, rice or bacon lol.
We discovered this when we went to lunch at the Staggering Ox. They didn't have a microwave to cook the food I had brought for him, so we ordered a potato rice baby meal thing. Alan would not even touch any of his food, and when I offered him some bacon from my Clubhouse sandwich, he spit it out so fast, it flew! We tried to force him to just try it, and that resulted in him screaming bloody murder and us packing up and leaving fast. Lol, so no go on the potatoes, rice or bacon. How is he MY child?

*Alan can, and will (if he's bored enough), stand up in the seat of a shopping cart and start practicing his Andersen Family Circus Balancing Act, which consists of him holding his arms out and wiggling the cart back and forth. He actually does this lol.
I was in the toddler clothes section at Target when Alan preformed this feat on me. I had emersed myself in some cute boy shirts (Bad mommy!) one that said, "Spaced Out" and another that said "I won't bite but he will," when all of a sudden I hear Alan squealing proudly (it even oddly sounded like a tada!) and look over to see Alan's balancing act. I had to contain my freak out, as the store was filled. But I grabbed him and held him close, then told him "No, no, we don't stand here" very calmly. Inside, my heart was skipping beats lol. I quickly chose the biting one (as Alan is a bite kisser, something he does on accident but hurts none the less) and after grabbing Lon at the toy aisle, we left.

*Alan knows how to pick up a toy phone and start talking into it, but he seems to think that everything is a phone now.
This means the tv remote, his car toys, mama's glasses case, water bottles, daddy's wallet, and his Bullseye toy. But we're just glad he understands the concept lol, to worry too much about the details.

*Alan can do all the hand gestures to Patty Cake, but he reserves this feat just for me. <3
I tried to get Alan to show his Grandma Amber, Grandpa Steve, Aunt Ariel and daddy but he only would clap his hands for the first part. Lol, with me he'll do the whole song, from the rolling to the patting to the hoorays. Oh well, he'll show them all eventually. :)

See, you can learn something everyday. :) Love my family.<3


  1. i learn something new about my monster toddler ever day too! he's always changing and growing. i think it's awesome how much they change and so fast!

  2. Yes it is! :) In three days, my son will be eighteen months old! Its wild how fast they learn and grow.