Saturday, October 16, 2010

Extravagent Halloween plans for an almost 14 month old? What? :D

My husband thinks I'm absolutely insane for making such a big deal out of this year's Halloween, but what he forgets is that I'm like this every holiday, lmao! :D Holidays have always been very important for me and even more so now that I have my own son to celebrate with. This year's Halloween though is very special and important to me because this is Alan's first Halloween where he's able to participate. So I am going to be very particular about how we spend our night, er nights lol. :D I know, I know, I'm a total geek but here's my plan:

Our Halloween celebrations will begin Friday October 29th. Alan and I have professional pictures in our Halloween costume (you gotta love Sears, they're so cheap I can get ridiculous pro pictures like these done lol!). We have yet to buy our costumes but should have by the end of the weekend. *Crossing my fingers* Alan and I are definitely doing a pair costume, either BoPeep and Sheep or Princess and Frog Prince.  After pictures Alan and I will wear our costumes to work for one of the YMCA Halloween celebrations. And when I am off of work, we will go trick or treating at the Billings Valley Nursing Home, where our beloved Great Grandpa Louie aka Bumpa resides. <3

The morning of Saturday October 30th, Lon, Alan and I will go to The Maize at Grandpa's Farm (one of our many mazes and pumpkin patches in Billings) for some Great Pumpkin shopping! :) I'm excited that Alan will be able to pick his own pumpkin this year, his Aunt April picked it out for him when he was a mere 2 and a half months old last year. But this year, he'll be able to walk around all of them and pick out his favorite. Oooh, I'm so excited for my big boy! I will most definetly take pictures and *try* my best to post some. Though you might have better luck checking out my FB page... :) Anyways, after the pumpkin hunting Alan and I will go to the YMCA's Healthy Halloween celebration in the afernoon. The celebration consists of various healthy activities and treat options, as opposed to the normal candy and junk food of Halloween. But there will be cool activities, such as the Monster Mash Ballroom, The Haunted Hallway (PG to PG-13), The Enchanted Forest (G), the Boo-tique, Ghoul Golfing, and many other healthy and fun canival games. There will also be tons of fun costumed characters (our employees are crazy! and funny) and every kids favorite, prizes and treats. :D Now of course, Alan is still too young for most of these activities, but he and I will be spending our time at the Monster Mash Ballroom. Whoo dance party! After our festivities at the Y are over, Alan and I will head over to Grandma and Grandpa Kimmel's house, to carve our pumpkins. Yes, the ones my parent's got us lol. Our pumpkins will have yet to be carved. :)

And finally on Halloween Sunday October 31st, the three of us (Lon, Alan and I) will wake up in the morning and have our usual Sunday morning cuddle (my fave!) but with an additional holiday breakfast (not of anything Halloweeny lol, just pancakes and eggs). Then we will set about carving our three family Jack-O-Lanterns. <3 It'll probably get messy, even without Alan's help! And who knows, he'll probably find a way to get into those pumpkins seeds and spread them like Johnny Appleseed lmao. Because that is how my toddler rolls. :) I will also probably cook some (Lon and I love pumpkin seeds) and then maybe even make my famous pumpkin cookies (even though they are normally a November treat). I just love cooking and when I get started, I can't stop.

Around four, we will probably put on our costumes again and start our family trick or treating, beginning at Grandma Melanie's house. We will visit each grandparent and great grandparent, as well as Alan's great aunt, and second cousin. I think doing this is easier on a toddler than going to each and every house on the block. We might, however, go trick or treating around both of his grandparent's blocks because Alan has two aunts and an uncle all under twelve and they will all be needing someone to take them around. We will probably not hand out any candy at our own house, as our actual apartment door is up a creepy porch and into a creepy staircase lol. But who knows, its Halloween, kids will probably love that. :) My luck right? Well you kids out there, don't come to my house, I will not be there. Come to my parent's lol, I'll serve candy there. :P Our beautiful family Jack-O-Lanterns will be safely perched in our bay window (with LED light candles of course!) so we don't have to worry about any mean pumpkin smashers.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty good Halloween to me. Now I just need to throw in a purchasing and viewing of Charlie Brown's the Great Pumpkin, and we're set! :) Happy early Halloween everyone!

On a side note, Alan has learned a new word today! :D His new word: "Hamburger." Lmao, I wonder who taught him that? <3

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