Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily stresses have become overwhelming, time to vent!

Today has been a day from hell for me. And now, all I want to do is snuggle in my bed with my sleeping boy and rant on this blog about it lol. So here we go...

The morning started out alright. I woke up at a decent time and was able to spend some time with Alan, which was nice. But my boss called me and reminded me of my class time (which I was finally aware of) so that made me feel incompetent, especially since she knows my current situation. I got over it by the time I got to work and was in a positive move for my Parent/Toddler art class. Today we made leaf prints using crayons (a surprising success with toddlers lol) and then made a fall collage. I only had two children instead of my regular four, but it only made class easier on everyone.  Because the class was full of toddlers, it ended fifteen minutes early and I got a jump start on my cleaning. This made me happy, as Lon and I had a lot of plans in between my two shifts. We were planning on going to the bank, going to the grocery store and taking Alan to see his Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Andersen (who live in UT and are only in town every so often).

Of course though, as I was just heading out the door to freedom, my boss stopped me and reminded me that there was a staff meeting at noon. Damn! :) Now I'll be honest with you (even though some of you that are reading work with me), I hate staff meetings! They are set up so that half the staff goes to the meeting for a half an hour and then switch so the other half can go.  This seems so stupid to me because it takes a simple half an hour to an hour meeting and turns it into a two hour event! Now I don't have any real ideas of making it any better lol, but something has to be done! :) These staff meetings are seriously the bane of my existance lmao. But I digress.

The first part of the staff meeting (the actual meeting) went well. All the stuff the bosses had to address had nothing to do with me, because I already followed those rules. So I just sat there patiently and nodded along. :) The second part of the staff meeting (the watching of Child Watch when its not your shift) sucked horribly. There were a bunch of children that were all out of control and hyper, and only four of us to deal with them. I made a kid cry because he was growling at two toddlers and I told him to stop. Yeah, it was that kind of shift.

I escaped Child Watch a half an hour later than I hoped for, and I drove to the bank (scratch that- my car, in reality, flew there lol, I was in such a hurry) only to wait in a ridiculously long line. But I did find out that I had extra money in my checking account, which was a small bonus. That extra money was only later to be used for gas lol. After the bank, I ran to the grocery store to grab some quick things, in hopes that we'd still be able to go see Alan's great grandparents. But after filling my cart with milk, cereal, cheese, banana cookies and a few other things, I discover AT THE CASH REGISTER that I don't have my card, or any spare money. I was so embarrassed I put everything back for the cashier lol. Then I drug my sorry butt home.

Arriving home, I found Lon showered and ready for the day but Alan was sound asleep in his crib. He was down for his daily nap and that meant that he would not be up until just before three, when we go back to the Y. So we called Grandpa Andersen and informed him we'd have to come over tomorrow and he informed us that he was not sure if we could meet tomorrow because he had meetings. By this point, I had pretty much given up on the idea that we would get out of the house today as a family so I was not so upset. Lon was irritated, but we decided to cook a fancy lunch instead and it brought his spirits up. We played our lego games (Lon has developed the three separate games into one massive Legend of Zelda style game) and had a good time until I had to go to work.

At work was were it got really stressful. I was only a minute or two late to work yet I received grief from several people in the hallways for it. Throughout my shift, I dealt with a little girl with a runny nose and what looked like a sinus infection (ick), a handful of disgustingly poopy diapers, three babies who all liked to cry bloody murder AT THE SAME TIME, a toddler who wouldn't listen to me (and then I found out I was calling him by the wrong name, genius), oh and my poor distraught mother who couldn't take my son. Because of a family emergency, Alan had to stay two hours more than he was supposed to. And that made it difficult on me because on days like today when I only see Alan once or twice, he clings to me like none other. That meant I either had to mop holding him on my hip, or just let himself throw him to the floor, screaming. Decisions, decisions lol.

I am endlessly grateful to be home now, and to be finally done with this no good, very bad day. Now to go to sleep with my Alan, I love him so! <3 Can't wait for Lon to get home too, so he can join the snuggle party!

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