Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Quick Weekend Update

Just thought I would drop in and say hey, you know update everyone on the events thus far for this weekend. Mostly because I am so excited and proud of myself! I passed my other USAGym certification just last night! This class was a Fundamentals of Gymnastics course so now that I have passed it, I am officially certified to instruct (recreational only) gymnastics! This is my second certification I have received from USAGymnastics, the first was a Risk Management certificate. Both courses took me about five hours for the classes and an hour for the testing each, a total of twelve hours which for a mother of two means about two weeks worth of night classes. Phew! I am exhausted, I feel like I was back in college again, writing notes and having to study for tests. I am proud of myself for completing both courses on time and for now being fully certified to teach the gymnastics classes that I teach at the YMCA. Feels good!

We had the hip hop Christmas party tonight, only three other dance students showed up to the party but we still had a great time together! We all chipped in on two big pizzas and two pitchers of pop, then let the kids have them change for arcade games. Alan had a blast hanging out with his fellow classmates and their siblings. Anna enjoyed talking with everyone and trying to escape the group to go play in the VI's kitchen lol! We all had a great time!

We did a small gift exchange too. Each kid brought a wrapped gift, I drew a name, and that person was able to pick out a present. After all the presents were sorted out, they opened the gifts in the order that they got them. Each time, they were given the chance to steal an already opened gift or keep there own. It ended up being quite fun even though I think only one person stole someone else's gift! I have some nice kids! Everyone went home happy with their presents, well, almost everyone lol. Miss Jaden ended up with a little kid toy, but she didn't mind. It was a lot of fun overall!

Uncle Cameron has made it to town! We waited almost all night long for him to show up from Spokane and just before we had to leave, he showed up! Alan and Anna were so excited to see him! Miss Anna was nervous of him at first, but I think she started remembering him after a while because she warmed right up to him! Yay! We are so excited to spend most of this upcoming week with him. Monday is Grandma Amber's birthday and then Tuesday and Wednesday will be full of Christmas festivities! Yay, it will be a wonderful holiday season for this family! Well, I am off of here for the weekend! I will do my best to post next week, but I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Andersen family! Stay safe, stay warm, be merry and love freely! Have a goodnight!

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