Monday, December 9, 2013

Anna Ariel: 17 Months Old

Oh my goodness, I almost missed out on Anna's 17 month birth anniversary! It was over the weekend and we did celebrate it, but I almost completely spaced posting about her many new developments and milestones! I can't believe that Anna is already 17 months, she is only one month away from being a year and a half! Happy 17 month birth anniversary Anna Ariel, we love you more then words can express!

At seventeen months, Anna Ariel:

*Weighs approximately 23 pounds and is approximately 32 1/2 inches long! I will get the real numbers shortly and post them when I do.

*Still is wearing size 18M for her clothing, but I do believe she will be going into size 4 diapers after we are finished with this pack of size 3's. She keeps wetting through them lol!

*Has redish auburn colored hair, that goes all the way down to her back! Her hair has grown so much this past month! She now looks like a little two year old running around with that hair lol!

*Has eyes that are still a light grayish blue, just like her big brother's eyes. They are so beautiful!

*Has had three teeth come in this month! Her two front teeth on the top and another one in the back top of her mouth! Teething has been a rough road but we are now starting to see some progress! This I am very happy about!

*Eats everything that we do. Her favorites are any fruits, spaghetti, cheese, and anything sweet. Like she needs to be any sweeter lol! She has also really been into using silverware too, she has to have a fork or spoon every time she eats. Whether she really needs it or not lol! She had a fork with her blueberry muffin this morning! :P

*Has had so many big milestones this month. She is really trying to talk and to communicate with everyone. She cannot wait until she starts gymnastics like big brother, she has really started trying to tumble and stand on her head lately lol. She figured out how to finally pucker her lips for kisses, no more tongue clicks when we say our good byes! :)

*Is working on the sleep thing still lol. She has gotten used to sleeping at my parent's house, all together in one room with Alan and I. She usually sleeps through the night, only waking a few times when she can't find that binky of hers. She goes to bed around 8 or 9 pm and will sleep until like 10 or 11 in the morning usually. She is a late sleeper, that girl! She will still take a nap almost everyday, but only for 45 minutes to an hour. Never longer then an hour… :)

*Can now say, "Mama, Dada, Alan, Kitty, Puppy, Bobba (Bottle), No, Drink, Yeah, Eat, Hi, Nigh Nigh, ByeBye, Boo, April, Ariel, KK (Kalvin), Gramma, Papa, GumGum (Thank You), Pwease (Please), Ball, Play, Icky, Snow and What" She is still a total mimic too. If you talk to her, she will always respond with something. She talks when she plays with her toys too.

*Has healed that scar by her left eye pretty well. Its been a little over a month since the incident, all the stitches are out, the Steri Strips feel off too and now it just has a little circle band aid over it. The doctors said that the wound didn't close up EXACTLY how they wanted it too, she will have a scar there and it will be bigger then they originally had planned. But she will always be beautiful in our eyes, NO MATTER WHAT. No scar or wound will ever take her sheer beauty away from us. We love you baby doll!

*Likes playing with dolls, dancing with her Aunt April and her Mama, rough housing with the boys of the house, flowers, reading books with her loved ones, kisses and hugs, Princess Sophia, all of the seasons, practicing gymnastics, Zoey and Abby Cadabby from Seasame Street, and her family members!

Happy 17 month birth anniversary Anna! Every month we spend with you is a blessing, here's to many, MANY more! We love you so much, more then words could ever express!

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