Monday, December 30, 2013

The New Year Date

Last night, Lon and I treated ourselves to a nice dinner at Olive Garden for our New Year date this year. It had been a little over a year since our last date, it was definitely due time for one! Aunt Sam and Uncle Tyler had given us a giftcard to OG for Christmas this year and made us promise to not take the kids with us lol. And my mom offered to watch the kids for us last night. Aunt April helped style my hair for me, it was so curly and pretty! Thanks Mom, April, Tyler and Sam! It was a great date night thanks to the four of you! We both had a wonderful time together!

I haven't been to the Olive Garden in some time, they have gotten quite a bit fancier since I had last gone. We tried some delicious red wine, a compliment from our waitress. I don't usually like wine, but this was amazing! I almost regret not getting some more with my dinner but instead I decided on an amazing strawberry smoothie. It was made with an Italian yogurt that was to die for! Even Lon had some of my smoothie lol, I love sharing meals and drinks with my man. :) Lon had a marshmellow Christmas-y sort of drink, layers of chocolate and marshmellow and liquor. It was surprisingly good too! I tried it, even though I don't like marshmellows. It was still yum!

We had salad, breadsticks, an Italian dumpling soup and a flatbread pizza for our appetizers. Oh my word, there was so. much. food! We had a little bit of everything, everything tasted like heaven! The flatbread pizza had goat cheese, portobello mushroom, sundried tomatoes and basil leaves. So wonderful, those are like my four favorite food ingredients. I could have just had the pizza and been as happy as a lark.

But we didn't. We had another full course as well. Lon had a Parmesan crusted Talapia with aspheragus, I tried some and seriously the parmesan melted in my mouth! So yum! I had a chicken pasta with Monteray Cheese sauce. It was so delicious and very filling too. I had only a few bites and was already almost full. So much yumminess! Lon and I felt like we were in food heaven! And we shared our courses with each other, so we were able to try a little of everything and have some for later! I took so much leftovers home with me! The kids and I will be having yet another amazing Italian meal today!

I also get to share some AWESOME, FANTASTIC, AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL news today! I have been waiting a few weeks to share this and have literally been exploding at the seams to tell someone! Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake are engaged!! Jake proposed after he had graduated from college and of course she said yes! I am so excited for them and for my nephew! The wedding will be sometime late next summer, we will all probably be in the wedding party too. Yay!
Congratulations guys! Love you Aunt Natalie, Uncle Jake and Benton!

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