Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anna Ariel: 13 Months Old

Time goes by so quickly. Benton is almost a month old now and a few days ago Anna turned 13 months old. We have yet to even get her year old photos taken lol! Oops! We seem to be late on everything with our girl. Oh well... she doesn't need to be on time, just on her time. :) So I will go ahead and update you all on her, since I didn't really do that when she turned one. Or did I? I can't actually remember. How lame is that? Oh mommy brain!

At thirteen months, Anna Ariel:

*is approximitely 21 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long.

*has reddish brown shoulder length hair with one big orange streak in it. Her hair is beautiful! And finally long enough for pigtails and ponytails! Yay!

*has gray blue eyes with a dark navy ring around the edge. Not sure if her eyes will change to hazel like Lon and Alan's or if they will stay blue like mine.

*wears Size 12M or 18M in shirts and 12M in shorts. She is in Size 3 diapers. And she just started wearing shoes this past month! She's in size 6-9M in those surprisingly! Tiny ballet feet!

*still has only two teeth, although she is constantly teething. The baltic amber necklace has done WONDERS for us though! No Tylenol or Ibuprofen since! I hate taking unnatural medicine and I really dislike giving it to my children. This is such a better natural option! I am so grateful for it!

*eats what we do at this point. She has what we have for lunch and dinner, I just cut it into small bite sizes for her. She is a great chewer though and loves her fruits and veggies! Lon and I call her our little monkey because of how she eats! Love it!

*has been breastfeeding for 13 months now. This is way longer then Alan and honestly way longer then I had planned. I am surprised that I made it this long and proud of myself! :) With that I must say though, now that we have figured out this teething issue, I may start weaning again. I have slowly started to, I still nurse her 2-3 times a day but I have cut it down to about ten minutes on each side each time. That's progress right? :P I am glad I have gone this long but I am ready for a break! I know that I will miss it like crazy though when we are done!

*is mostly a crawler still. She will stand occassionally and likes to cruise while holding onto things but has yet to figure out walking entirely on her own. She is really into dance, Mommy and Aunt April right now, so the other day I jokingly told her that she can start dance in roughly five months (at 18 months) if she started walking. She smiled at me and plopped to her bottom lol. So much for that one!

*sleeps pretty well right now. Naps have almost become non-existent in our household unfortunately but Anna will sleep from about 9 or 10 pm until about 6 or 7 in the morning. Somedays, I will be lucky if I can get her to nap for more then an hour. But most days she fights me forever and then sleeps for mayber 30 minutes. Blah, baby steps. Hopefully when teething stops and I successfully wean her, we can get naps more consistent.

*can say, "Mama, Dada, Boba (Bottle), BruhBruh (Brother), No, Eat, Hi, ByeBye, and Boo" She is also quite the little parrot when it comes to mimicking words we say! She will be talking in full sentences like Alan here soon!

*likes food, singing, Princess Sophia, her family, clothes, Baby Benton, dance, pink and purple and rainbows, Aunt April, animals, going to daycare, Aunt Ariel, books, her hair to be done, her toys, her brother's toys, her lovies, Mom's cellphone, Minnie Mouse, Dora, and just being herself! She is a typical girl already and one just like her Mama! This make my heart very happy!

Happy thirteen month birth anniversary Anna Ariel! Mama, Daddy and Alan love you so much!

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