Monday, August 5, 2013

Aunt Ariel's Belated Birthday Party

We finally celebrated Aunt Ariel's birthday this weekend. It has almost been a whole month since her actual birthday, oops! We took her to Geyser Park for a little party with Alan, Anna, Grandma Melanie and Uncle Kalvin. It was a lot of fun, Aunt Ariel and everyone had a blast!

We played in the arcade, rode on the bumper boats, drove the go carts, played in the tunnel system they have for littler kids and even played some games of lazer tag. There was so much to do! Alan, Aunt Ariel, and Uncle Kalvin all won a lot of tickets and each picked out several prizes. We had pizza for dinner and I spoiled the kids with scoops of ice cream for dessert. I bought each kid one scoop of ice cream for $1.50 and the ice cream filled the cup! We got so much more for our buck! The kids could barely finish theirs so Grandma Melanie and I had to help them finish. :) It was definitely a good deal!

Three kids in cars lol. Classic! Uncle Kalvin doesn't look too impressed.

Now let me tell you a funny story about the go carts. The first time we went riding on them, I drove Alan and they allowed Aunt Ariel drive Uncle Kalvin. We all had a great time! However the second time we went on the go carts, they would only allow Aunt Ariel to drive her own car. We had the same guy too! He said that it was because she wasn't 16, I just don't understand why he let her go the first time. She definitely doesn't LOOK sixteen! She looks like a preteen still. Oh well though. We ended up having her go alone and I took Alan later while the big kids played lazer tag. No big deal, I just thought it was weird at first!

Grandma Melanie and Anna had a great time too! Anna got to play in the tunnel system and on the arcade games. She watched the kids on the go carts and the bumper boats, although she did really want to go swimming in the pool lol! She then enjoyed the ice cream with everyone. The best part about being the baby? Everyone shares with you! :) Sweet girl sure slept good that night lol!
I know that we had a good time, and I hope that Aunt Ariel felt the same! Sorry it was so late but we hope you had a happy birthday! We love you so much!

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