Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Dance Showcase 2013 featuring the fabulous Jasmine Harper!!

I had my summer showcase and pizza party last night. Both classes performed so well and made me so proud! I even had a HUGE turn out for my older girl's class, I was definitely not expecting that many people! Thanks everyone for coming! And to my students: good job guys!

I only had two kids show up for my younger class but they both still did a wonderful job. We danced to Smooth Criminal, Happy and You Know It, and of course the finale YMCA. They are both pretty little, so there was a lot of standing there frozen. :) It was quite cute! I loved little dancers! They did dance some and even performed the moves I had taught them over the summer! I am very proud of my little BBoy and BGirl! Good job guys! Hope to see you again this fall!

Love how the little girl wanted to hold my hand. They are both such sweet kids!

So I have to share this little bit of dancer nerd in me for you all! Jasmine Harper, my favorite top 10 dancer in SYTYCD, posted a photo on her instagram Tuesday night after the show. I commented and mentioned how much I liked her on the show and how my students would be performing the following night. She instantly responded, saying, "Aww tell them I wish them good luck:) and to have fun! @jillianjandersen" I almost freaked out a little bit myself lol.

I told my older girls and they ACTUALLY freaked out lol, like falling to the floor and screaming. Like girls do. :) They decided that they would do their best, not only for their family members but for Miss Jasmine Harper from SYTYCD! And they performed very well! Like I mentioned above, I had a waaaaaaaaaaay bigger crowd then I thought I would have had, apparently my hip hop class is quite popular. Yay! This makes me happy! The girls did not seem to mind our large audience and still rocked each dance! They danced to As Long As You Love Me, Cha Cha Slide, and of course the finale YMCA. Great job girlies! You make me (and Jasmine Harper) very proud!

My girls specifically wanted to take this FIERCE photo for Miss Jasmine Harper. I'm sure she'll love it!

Most of us met up at the Village Inn for a pizza party after the showcase. My mom and younger siblings brought Alan and Anna as well. We all hung out, had pizza, played in the mini arcade and just enjoyed our time together. The pizza party was also very successful for us, I wanted it to be a nice little reception where we could all enjoy the community we had. And that's exactly what we did!

My students got me roses! I love that they got me the same thing I had gotten them for their showcase! Every dancer (and dance teacher) needs at least one rose for every performance!

Wednesday night was a wonderful way to end my summer hip hop session. All of my students did their best and made me the proudest hip hop teacher around! Then we all enjoyed pizza and each other's company! The perfect night! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us! I love all of you! Hope to see you this fall in class!

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